Daily Prompt: Inhabit my world

Inhabitants of the Cosmea

You have to live somehwere. According what your place is in life you choose the ideal living space. I live in an appartment because I am a human. The insects in my garden live in dark places according to their species. Some below stones, others beneath a leaf. Some balance on a stalk somewhere in tribes doing what they do. I assume they are eating and reproducing – don’t we all.

And that would be that – sorry, have no interest in any shape or form to write about inhabiting because there is nothing really to say about it, and I have better things to do with my time.


On the other hand, at the moment I am sharing my habitation with about 100 strange men that I do not know, and probably will never really get to know. They are part of the working force renovating our building. They are inhabiting the outside areas of my living space. They infiltrate every wall and corner, even spaces where no human being would ever live, the darker areas of buiding foundations. They make jokes, have conversations, and often discuss matters with a deeper meaning, only known to builders. They speak many tongues, some recognisable and others not.

In the beginning there were those building the scaffolding. They were the acrobats, the climbers, the architects of our new surrounding staircases and platforms. It changed when their work was done and the men with machines took over, hammering, drilling and chiseling the layers of the building away, leaving a bare surface. It was a month of possession, of habitation. I was still eating my breakfast in my own four walls in the morning, but accompanied by strange persistant noises. The inhabitors never entered the building, but stayed outside. They were a species that prefererred to exist in the outside spaces. Now and again they would stop for a conversation.

They have now become part of our extended family, we know them by their first names and wave when we see each other – usually through the window or through the camera lens.

They will soon be gone for forever. Their work will be done and they will inhabit another building site in another place: so is the life of the builder species. As a memory I will be left with 800 photos, up to now.

Renovation 10.05 (1)

Daily Prompt: Inhabit my World

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