Daily Prompt: Let’s sychronize

Renovation 24.08 (2)

We have a team of builders working on our 13 appartment building. After 20 years someone decided it was time to have an overall renovation. Only 20 years, yes, that is what I thought, but there were some that know it better: new building norms, bad isolation and a new roof of course. It is OK, we are Swiss, we have money, and why not. Our buiding will afterwards stand out in the village as the best and most perfect with its new vibrant green sun blinds which will absolutely not suit the surroundings and of course the coat (not two coats) of very light green pain. Yes the others will be green with envy. Basically our building was in an almost perfect condition, just a few signs of aging, but not end of the world atmosphere. It could have lived on for the next 20 years. Then I will be 90 years old and Mr. Swiss 100, so who cares.

However, let us not be silly. Every day I have a new experience for my camera: sometimes boring, sometimes exciting and now and again something completely different.

We are now at the final two months, or is it three, no-one really knows exactly. The facade is more or less insulated and now is the time to prepare for the final stages, before the artists move in with the paint. This morning I happened to be outside with the camera when Hans called from above “fertig”, meaning “ready”. Wolfgang called from below “OK” and then a roll of network was dropped from the top floor to the bottom (see photo). Wolfgang held the netting in place, pulled a little and then Joachim (OK I don’t know their names, but they were all speaking high German) who was in the middle began to paste over the netting.

Wolfgang at the bottom followed and I assume that Hans at the top was doing the same. This was building synchronisation.

Renovation 24.08 (7)

Here we see Joachim kneeling on the upper level doing his pasting and Wolfgang below synchronizing his pasting work with the others. That is co-operation.

The whole building work has been synchronized from the beginning up to now. You cannot paint something that not yet exist. Everyone knows what to do next. Our complete building front is now encased in a net, two layers of net to be exact. It seems to be necessary before applying the final paint which will follow in two weeks according to those with the prefix “chief” before their names.


However, the weather does not always concentrate on synchronization. This afternoon a storm appeared with gale force winds and torrential rain. The buiders had fixed a plastic sheet to our windows to protect them from the pasty substances being used on the walls, but the weather gods found this an insult to their purpose and within five minutes the plastic was no longer fixed to the window. However, the workers had finished their job, and were already preparing to call it a day, so perhaps they did have a direct line to the weather gods and there was some sort of mystical arrangement. This could be the idea for a new book by Stephen King “Builders Weather Prophesies”. OK, just an idea.

Daily Prompt: Let’s Synchronize

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