Good Morning


It’s the photo of the day in front of the kitchen window. Today it is our turn to be pasted. I alreay have one of my friendly workers pasting some sort of net on various parts of the wall and he is covering up the metal edging to the windows. Afterwards he will be covering the whole creation with this white pasty mixture. I have a feeling today we will not be alone, it is our day. Only two months to go and we can say goodbye to the whole mess and bother.

Today we have decided to get away from it all for a couple of hours. We have been intending to visit our local mountain for a couple of years, since they built the new gondola railway. Mr. Swiss found we should go this week as long as the summer weather is with us. Yesterday we did a check on Internet to see if it would be possible for me to be able to do it. It said that there is no great problem with wheelchairs. So if a wheelchair can do it, I can do it with my walking cane.

Weissenstein 16.08.2017 (2)

I have not been up to the top for many years. When I was younger it was one of my favourite places. You have a great view over the so-called flat plains of the middle land down to the alps of the Bernese overland if it is a clear day. Sometimes all you get is a sea of fog, but that is usually on rainy days. Today is sun and pleasant temperatures so lets do it.

Otherwise it is off to the supermarket this morning for a further adventure in my boring life. I will probably not be around so much today. Life is not only computers and blogs, there is another world out there as well, the problem being it is so active, combined with exercise and movement. Computers are so restful, you only use your hands on the keyboard.

And as I was thinking today there is nothing spectacular happening I saw something in front of the window. Some minutes later and a few camera shots, I made the most of the newest arrival.


We now have a king sized crane, they must have organised it for my camera. It seems they are now heaving the new large stone tiles up to the balconies above. Our tiles remain the same, unless we want to pay a lot of extra money to have the new luxury tiles. We are two golden oldies and find it is really not worth it. Whoever comes after us can do it, but our tiles are good enough. And here is an action photo of the tiles being raised to the balcony, but now I really must go – the vaccuum cleaner is calling.


4 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • It’s the normal sized one. I think they did it especially for me and my camera. It was only there for the morning as you probably pay by the hour. I managed some really good shots with the blue sky in the background.


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