Daily Prompt: Visceral feelings


Today we took a trip up the local mountain, Weissenstein. Now to be quite honest the word “visceral” is not really something I have ever used or knew how to use. I had to peep in the dictionary and found that it would have a connection to my internal state. I had to check on the German meaning of the word, because I thought it might be clearer and we got down to the intestines.

Now I do not really think that a blog about my intestines and their state of operation would be a big deal, but perhaps I got it wrong. Anyhow we drove up to the gondola station. Luckily they had a lift connection to the ticket office, as I do not think that my visceral condition would have permitted me to climb the flight of stairs to the station. There were not so many people today, as the holiday season is now petering out. When we got to the ticket office the lady selling the tickets was an old workmate of mine. This was great as she organised the cabin that arrived to go slower for me to get into it with my cane. Afterwards it was a smooth ride to the top with no intestinal problems, although at the mid station (Nesselboden) the gondola had to make a curve which was slightly queasy (intestinally).

Eventually we arrived at the top. As I am not really in a condition to do a mountain walk, we headed for the restaurant which had a wonderfully large terrace. I was armed with my camera and my zoom lens, but of course wanted a table overlooking the view. To get to this table we had the next viscerous problem. I had to descent three steps and there was no railing to help me. Eventually we discovered one set of steps with a railing. This was probably reserved for people with dogs, as there was a large dog bowl on each step for water. Now I was happy, I overcame the steps and we had a nice table with a view over Solothurn and all the trimmings – see photo. Of course I took many photos, over 100, but have not yet uploaded them.

Eventually we left for home again on the gondola.The descent was OK, nothing visceral. There was enough room to park our car at the base of the gondola station so did not have to walk very far.

We arrived safely home with no negative visceral feelings. I really ask myself why I bother with these stupid prompts, it is enough to make anyone feel visceral.

The Skeleton




Daily Prompt: Getting Visceral

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Visceral feelings

  1. My visceral reaction to the word was “Oh man, what am I going to write?” But I’d been viscerally annoyed by a comment a friend made that her favorite among my painted rocks was the copy of my brother’s work. Same old story. 🙂

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    • And I still don’t get the real meaning of the word, probably been isolated too long from the english language. Even finding the german word did not help much, so I just scribbled away a usual. Actually if it means internal feelings, I would not really know where to start. The german dictionary only brought me “Eingeweide”.

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      • I think it means when you feel something intuitively, a “gut-level” response to something, a strong instinctive reaction for or against, usually against. Viscera = intestines, so it’s an idiom.

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  2. The recent ones have been pretty weird. They need some words that have slightly broader meanings because these have all been very narrow and annoying. I find a way to use them, like you do, but they aren’t really what I’m writing about.

    The view from the mountain is glorious!

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    • I realize how much my knowledge of the English language has suffered by speaking Swiss German all day. I just don’t get the real meanings of some words.
      I took 80 photos from my trip up the mountain, this was just a quick one with the mobile phone.


  3. I love the idea of you taking a day to go out to the gondolas to find a place to eat with a view. These things make life well worth while. Ron and I use to take a day or two each week to go out for a car trip and find places to eat along the way. We would just head out in a direction with no destination and spend the day together sightseeing. Be well. Hugs

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    • We went in the afternoon after lunch and our golden oldie sleep. We didn’t eat but just had a drink on the terrace. I like going on trips as I see something new to photograph. We had been promising each other this trip for some time and now we eventually did it. It was a good time to go as the tourist season was almost over.

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