Good Morning


I am sure you get them as well. I took a quick look in the garden, searching for a photo of the day and when I uploaded them onto my computer, this photo appeared. Who knows what it was supposed to be. I recognise my stick on the right hand side descended into the grass and probably part of my hand where I was holding the stick. The rest is left to the imagination, but you don’t always have to have blue skies, although we have them.

I was feeling rather bleary this morning. At first I slept for an hour and then awoke and sleep had gone. Usually I sleep with no problem, but there are nights when it turns into day. I tried my best. Even my arm was no longer hurting so much, another golden oldie problem that disappears as quickly as it arrives. Then I got a pain in my right leg, not constant, but shooting, nothing is spared sometimes. However, in the early morning hours, I must have drifted off to be awoken by the voices of the builder tribe in front of my window. What specialities will have have for me today? We were promised intensive work on our facade – fun.

Morning over Feldbrunnen

This is our morning sky, sun and not a cloud to be seen. Yesterday the weather prophets said we are again heading for a heat wave, the last burst of summer. Mr. Swiss does not like heat waves and is alreaday mapping out temperatures with increased humidity and staistics which are far to complicated for me to digest. I avoid the heat wave by retiring to the Eastern side of the appartment where there is no sun during the afternoon. We all have our methods.

In the meanwhle I have been seeing some interesting photos of the eclipse over the pond. In Europe we did not get the show and according to statistics the next eclipse here will not be in my lifetime. It must be strange when the animals  and insects make no noise for the time of darkness.

Any time now the postman will ring, but only once I hope. I ordered a new delivery of 3 months supply of my expensive medicine which arrives in three refrigerated boxes in summer as it must not go over a certain temperature. In Winter it is delivered under normal conditions. I have my own fridge in the linen room reserved for the medicine which is quite handy as it gives me enogh space to keep it all.

And now to move on. There are no shopping expeditions planned this morning as I have other housewife duties to achieve, so have fun. I noticed my sedum is now getting ready to flower in the garden, one of the last of the summer before everything goes back to sleep.


6 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • Frustrating I know. We have a team of builders that are organising our money. We are still shaking our heads at the idiots that convinced some that it was necessary. We have decided to get away from it all tomorrow and going up on the local mountain.


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