Mundane Monday: #123 Rope

Rope 20.08 (1)

Living currently in a building site, you get a bit of everything. We have had metal constructions, followed by styrofoam insulation and even some flame throwers welding this and that. Now we have rope for heaving objects to the roof. The roof is now finished, but the rope remains and is collected on a piece of scaffolding in front of my window. I could see the rope, but it was not in a direct line to my camera. However I lifted the camera and aimed, hoping it was the right direction, because I could not see what was in focus. I heard the peep from the camera telling me it was ready, so pressed the button and this is what I got. The things we do for a photographs.

Mundane Monday: #123 Rope

5 thoughts on “Mundane Monday: #123 Rope

  1. tell those builders to reuse that rope and create a hammock for you! Seems the least they can do after messing up your patios and keeping you moving things from here to there to back again for danged near all summer!

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