Good Morning

Golden Rod

My golden rod is now flowering in the garden. Usually it is covered with all sorts of livestock, like wasps and beetles and fire bugs, but this year even they seem to have been driven away from the building work. I read a good tip this week about how to get rid of bothering wasps. Apparently they always disappear when it rains, so if you have one of those plant sprayers filled with water then just give the wasp a shower and it disappears. I had a perfect opporunity in the kitchen as there was one buzzing around whilst we were eating. He finally settled on the window and I attacked with the spray. He got wet and shocked, but remained. Mr. Swiss had a look and said not every insect wearing a striped yellow and black pullover is a wasp and this was a bee. The bee afterwards decided to go before more happened.

I am now completely convinced that I have a lactose allergy. I often had problems with milk products, one of the reasons probably that I cannot drink coffee. I stopped eating breakfast cereal for breakfast and often after breakfast I had symptoms. I do not really want to go into details, but I had to run fast to get to the right place at the right time. After an hour and two tablets things calmed down, but it is very annoying. Yesterday evening I made pasta and two sauces. No. 1 son prefers tomato sauce, but Mr. Swiss and I are more into the refined taste of parmesan and cream sauce. And yes an hour later I had to run and this has not happened for a long while. I remember having a problem with a bechemel cheese sauce. It is now definite for me – no more lactose and then I am a happy bunny. I never really liked milk as a drink in any case.

I am sure it comes from my early school days where we were forced to drink a small bottle of milk in the break in the school. In the olden days they found that working class children often had rickets (a bone problem due to lack of vitamines) and so the school authorities in the British Isles issued all school classes with bottles of milk for the kids to drink daily. This milk had a surface of thick cream on top which I did not like and in winter it often arrived half frozen. If you do not like milk, than this really convinced you. Since then I have had a dislike for drinking fresh milk, although mixed with other stuff it was OK, but now I am completely avoiding it.

I also awoke this morning with a sharp pain in the shoulder which I really do not need. I am on the verge of physical disintegration in any case. However, I discovered the cause of the problem. I had a brainwave. I must be doing a continuous movement which involved my shoulder. As I am not a follower of morning gymastics, I discovered the only reason might be my walking stick and I altered its height. I do not use it constantly at home. I have good days and not so good days – no-one has really bad days do they? Yes, well sometimes we do I suppose. In any case since reducing the length of the stick (it is telescopic) I notice that the pressure has dimished on my shoulder.  You see, I just remian cool and think it over.

I noticed yesterday evening, through various photos on facebook, that our village was having a small celebration organised by one of the social groups. As it was all happening just around the corner on the village square I thought I could take a walk with my camera. Then I changed my mind, as village stuff with tents and even a clown for the kids was really not my thing. I can have my own celebration at home with a book and an armchair. Later in the evening I heard fireworks, so I was glad I did not bother. Mr. Swiss also said there was music until midnight.

And now Sunday may begin with no more problems. The sun is shining, temperatures are pleasant  so what could possibly go wrong. Enjoy the day everyone.

Feldbrunnen estate 13.08 (14)

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. My husband has had this problem for over a year. Very annoying and difficult to make plans. Always looking for the closet bathroom. Many times he just wouldn’t leave the house. The specialist insisted it had nothing to do with diet. That was the last straw for us. How can something with your bowels not be linked to food? Long story short he went to a naturopath who specializes in nutrition and after going through an elimination diet we discovered that the culprit seems to be dairy. Still early days but eliminating all dairy including cream and butter seems to be working. Fingers crossed.

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    • The problem began with me about 10 years ago and got more chronic as time passed. I probably did not take it seriously enough, but examined it myself and came to a conclusion that it had something to do with milk products. I mentioned it to my doctor and she more or less agreed. I did not take any tests as the problem was bad enough for me. However, I discovered myself the cause. Butter and hard cheeses are no problem because butter has no lactose, and hard cheeses also not. I cook with butter every day and have no problems. It is the milk sugar which I cannot digest, I can now buy lactose free products. they are OK if I really have to have cream in my food. It is definitely the milk sugar that causes my problem. When I take a tablet it passes off after an hour or so and today I feel fine, have eaten lunch with no problem. Another problem is that I cannot move very fast because of my MS. It is all a matter of learning to live with these stupid problems.

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  2. For years I made fun of the “wheat gluten free” people (probably because many are extremely obnoxious and eager to make converts AND it made cooking for them hell) but I recently gave that a shot and discovered it seems to be the reason I’ve been suffering with IBS for several years. It’s very nice not to have to think about one’s internal organs. I’m happy you’ve found the culprit.

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    • There are so many sorts of allergies today and a lot has to do with modern eating developments. Itvtook a while until I discovered the culprit. Statin medicine for cholesterol problems has the same effect and that became chronic. I discovered the problem myself. Even my doctor now believes me. No lactose and I am fine

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  3. I always hear about these things happening in town. We used to go, especially when Kaity was a kid, but when she grew up, it seemed silly. There are only so many parades in a town this small you can see before the idea bores you into near unconsciousness. And, while I like fireworks, finding a parking space and a comfortable place to sit in a big empty field? No, I don’t think so. We watch the fireworks on TV, watch the big parties in Boston and NY. Then we watch a movie 🙂

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    • This was no big deal. Just one of the groups in our village that decided to have some sort of celebration. If you go you would probably feel like the odd one out, not really belonging. We also avoid such places today. Too much noise.


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