Daily Prompt: Today’s Trance

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 28.10 (14)

Sometimes things happen and you do not know why or how. A strange influence is hovering around you. Today’s theme was determined by a mysterious cyber influence I am sure. Somewhere in the deep caverns of the computer cells a decision was made and Angloswiss was the center of the computer fantasies.

I always take a lunchtime sleep for an hour or so. At the moment I am not going places and doing anything special, I do not really feel like it. I just want to enjoy the peace and quiet of a week-end with no duties and above all no building work in my surroundings, which has been the case for the past five months: peace reigns supreme. So I slipped into the twilight world between the sheets after lunch and slept and slept and etc. etc. I heard movement and awoke for a few seconds after an hour. Mr. Swiss was alive in the appartment and so I switched on my smartphone next to my bed, noticed a few short acknowledgements from WordPress and decided to sleep further. I was not yet ready for this.

I slept and slept and dreampt. A colleague had arrived and I distinctly hear Mr. Swiss telling her I was sleeping. I was annoyed called out and said no, I was here, who has arrived. There was no answer. Of course not, this was all happening in a far flung dreaming world as I was sinking deeper and deeper into sleep again. I was confused, nothing focussed in my head. I was having a midday sleep and then it happened. My smartphone said “ping”. Now it only says “ping” if I get a message through Facebook and this was the system I was mainly using in the last months of my dad’s life. He was in a care home in London, I was living in Switzerland and at the age of more that 100 years, he was in a critical condition. I was living on pins and needles expecting the worst. My contacts in London used the messenger, as I did for immediate news. It cost nothing, was efficient, and I was up to date on dad’s condition. Eventually this “ping” became something I dreaded. It became a warning, an emergency sound and today in my deep trancelike state this “ping” woke me with a start. I was immediately transferred again to the dark days of my dad’s condition. He passed away peacefully last year eventually and although sad, it was the way things are in life and death and we have to accept them.

And so this “ping” today brought me back to reality. It was only a silly short video from an online colleague who sends them to all her FB friends, and it is no problem. However today it was the wrong time and wrong place. On the other hand, I was now back to reality. My trancelike condition was slowly terminated and I returned to the world of light and reality.


Daily Prompt: Today’s Trance

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Today’s Trance

  1. I had a similar experience this morning before I got up. I was dreaming my mom and I were going to Montana on a bus through LA. We had to change busses. For some reason Michael Jackson was sitting next to me. (?) Of course, mom disappeared when our bus stopped in LA and she took my luggage. I had problems putting on my shoes. Got to the LA station and it was in chaos. I said, “Where’s the bus to Montana?” The woman said, “I think it’s out there somewhere.” I was glad to wake up…. That wasn’t a pleasant Tabby-like trance AT ALL.

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    • I tend to sleep quite deep sometimes and really live in another place and time. I think it hangs together a bit with MS as I never used to have such deep dreams. What awoke me was the ping noise of the messenger as it was a reminder of the bad patch I was going through when dad was going towards the end in the care home. I never knew when something bad would happen and the noise from the phone today reminded me. There are some things that stay with you.

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  2. I can’t stand the noises my phone makes. It dings, and pings, and rings, and dongs, and clangs and whistles … and each of these noises indicates something in which i am absolutely NOT interested. So. I turn it off. Completely. And in that delightful silence, there is peace.

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    • No-one callls me. Perhaps for a doctor appointment, othwise just signals that I plan. We no longer have a land line, do not need it. My phone is no longer just a phone, my memory bank. I nene get spam calls.


  3. This is so strange. Last night my text message ping was going off on my cellphone. A friend had sent a text to about 5 of us. She and her husband had just adopted a dog (they now have 3 dogs and 5 cats). Well, everyone had to comment and by 11 o’clock at night, they were still commenting. I had to change the phone to vibrate and place the darn thing in another room so I would not hear the vibrate ping. Happy about the dog, but annoying.


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