Good Morning

New Road Sign 18.p08.2017

Look what I discovered at the bottom of our path where it meets the main road. We have a speed limit through our village, in most smaller places here, of 30 Kilometers per hour. They have now, probably temporarily, erected a speed measuring device. As you drive pass it shows you how fast you are. It is positioned just after the exit from our underground garage, so I do not have the feeling that we will reach any great speeds on it. Mr. Swiss said it has been there for some time.

Renovation 18.08 (5)

Our appartment building is now a yellowy colour on the East Side. Yesterday our building team finally completed our new surface. The isolation is finished, and now all it needs is a roughening up of the texture and a coat of paint. Our windows were covered with plastic sheeting during the day, but at the beginning of the afternoon it was removed. The side wall is still covered in plastic. The workmen left with half our garden covered in plastic, but it began to storm with high winds, blowing most of it to one side. A workman appeared from nowhere, and removed it all. We are not sure what is happening to the side wall, but this is also covered in plastic. Perhaps a well-known painter has been invited to make an artistic touch to the wall – who knows.

Otherwise we are set for a nice quiet week-end with no disturbances, although this morning it seems two roof workers appeared from nowhere and ascended to the roof sporting a loud radio as they went. This was 7.30 a.m. but it seems a complaint was lodged by a neighbour and the radio was immediately switched off. We were under the impression that roof work was finished, but they have now distributed vegetation over it and perhaps the workers had to inspect the growth.

At last I eventually, finished the Game of Thrones. I have never been so relieved to finish a book. 800 pages of family feuds, death and destruction finalising with the hatching of three dragon eggs. I think the dragons grow up and return somewhere in the last book, but I will not bother to find out. I am now reading Book 3 of the Alex Cross detective stories by James Patterson. At least I have a story line which will probably have an ending.

I will leave you with yet another romantic view from our garden through the scaffolding. At least we are getting some blue skies today, it can only get better. See you around, enjoy the day and beware if you see builders in your area, their intentions are not always good.

Back Garden

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I have only 50 pages left of Cross Fire and while the story got better, I think I will leave this series to you. Your complex is looking pretty nice now The yellowy color is the color it will be or will the artisians return with a masterpiece color for you?

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    • The yellow will not stay, but transfer to a touch of green on the finished product. The new sun blinds are a nice poisonous green. Needless to say we will stand out. Cant wait for the Google camera to pass bye. I will then send a photo.
      I have not yet read Cross Fire, but only the first two books and am now on Jack and Jill. After just a few pages I am into the story and am enjoying it. Just normal criminals and no-one dressed in gold armour or chain mail.

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  2. All of your reconstruction woes are reminding me of how totally awful living in Boston was for that final two years when they effectively closed the whole city. It was bumper to bumper traffic all the time. The air was FULL of dirt from the digging and from the tearing down of old bridges, elevated train ramps, old roads, a variety of building, sidewalks … it was total destruction. It went on from 1991–2007. We were out of there in 2000. It was the day when I tried to get to our local grocery and it took me two hours to drive less than 1 mile … and the following day, they brought in the jackhammers and started chopping up our street. It was awful.

    We have parking signs with clauses. It says “Parking Allowed,” but in tiny print underneath, it says things like “except during months that contain an “r” and whenever the garden has a basketball game or if we just feel like ticketing your car and never on Monday,Wednesday or Friday between 2 pm and 7pm, or on any Thursday morning.” I think they were finally forced to take the signs down, but for years, you got ticketed and towed everywhere. ANOTHER good reason to leave town!

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    • I grew up in London, so dirt and grime was part of the deal. It was the days of smog, which was yellow and dense. We lived in between war ruins and everyone had coal fires. It must have smelt as well, but you never really noticed it. Traffic was a permanent stop and go, but we didn’t have a car and used public transport.
      Moving to Switzerland was wonderful with its clean air but we have our problems. It seems the Swiss are continuously repairing even if it is not broken . They decide to resurface all roads continuously as they do look better. They have now discovered earth warmth so regularly they dig trenches in the roads for new underground pipe systems. They don’t actually close roads but squeeze the traffic into one way systems directed by road construction workers. This coupled with regular road repairs from the winter damage of ice where suddenly holes appear in the road surface is not fun. However we have clean air which only smells when the farmer is muck spreading on his fields.


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