Good Morning


Looks a promising day today: a few scattered clouds with a blue background and temperatures normal. I do not need record sky high heat, just warm enough with a slight breeze.

My first notification of the day was from WordPress telling me that as I have a premium account (yes I know, silly, but I pay for this privilege), I can now insert a “pay” button on my blog creation page. This is getting to complicated for a golden oldie. My payments happen automatically as I organised it that way and still have the opportunitiy to stop any payments. The cyber world is slowly confusing my golden oldie days and I only pay my subsription.


Our building team have now pulled another trick out of the box. I was hugging my bed for a last half hour this morning, and heard voices outside which is nothing really astonishing when a team of men are re-constructing your living quarters.

I then heard heavy objects being moved and the sound of scraping and tearing – a new noise design was being constructed. Mr. Swiss appeared and said he was shutting all the windows on the east side as there was a threat of invasion of a new substance which was being applied to the facade of the building. I eventually left my sleeping quarters, having completed my daily check of the iPad to read the nocturnal comments of WordPress and to see if Trump was still president (you never know). I could not resist a look outside to see what was happening with the construction work, and realised that I was now living in a coccoon. All the windows on the east side had been sealed and covered with a milky plastic (photo from No. 1 son’s room). We were now cut off from civilisation, not even a space to pass food. We will starve, and perhaps eventually suffocate.

In the meanwhile it seems this part of the operation will be only today as they are sealing the net placed over the surface of the complete building. If the plaster they use would get on the windows, there would be no chance of removing it from the glass – it would be there to stay. The only solution is a new window – hence now living in a plastic bubble. Luckily this is only one side of the appartment, the other side will be next week.

I escaped into the kitchen and discovered that here conditions were still normal. My chances of eating breakfast were saved and the computer was also ready for the first attack of the day.

Everything now being under control we will prepare ourselves for the week-end shopping safari. Mr. Swiss constructed the shopping plan on the iPhone by cloud. I did a quick revision yesterday evening, with a better design application and we will be ready to go.


2 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I too periodically check the news to see if, by any chance, Trump has resigned. We lost Bannon today, his chief-of-staff and possibly the anti-Christ. Another one falls. We live in hopes of total collapse before Christmas, but I may be dreaming. Still, wouldn’t that be a nice gift?

    You are nearing the end of your journey. Hang on. Be strong. It will get better. It will be better soon.

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    • Trump resign? Let’s dream on, but wouldn’t it be nice.

      I can see some light at the end of the building tunnel. There will be a few obstacles still, like having my lawn replaced, but will cross that bridge when I come to it.


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