Good Morning

Spider 16.08.2017

He, or she, moved in some time ago and found a nice comfortable place on the scaffolding outside, hanging on the porch. A web was spun and I left the spider to live its life. It did not bother me. I admired its courage to stay amongst the noise and turmoil. Somehow the spider has survived and even grown. This morning I decided to take a photo, but noticed that my iPhone 6 did not have a good closeup lens.  I decided to take a real photo with my Nikon, although I only had the “normal” lens on it, but being 8.00 a.m. I did not have time for a complete photographic experience.

I did a quick upload on the computer and here is the result, the spider on the scaffolding, although I really have better things to do. In between I scraped bread with butter and jam and prepared my frugal breakfast.

Today everything is wet, wet, wet. We had a few wonderful thunderstorms yesterday evening, a real light show. We were not sorry, at least we did not have to water the garden.  I was actually planning on a walk yesterday evening, but the weather gods changed my mind.

I spent the evening at home again ploughing through Game of Thrones. Now at page 700 and only 100 to go. How I hate this book. Now everyone is fighing a war. What does a mythical war with mythical strategies interest me – absolutely not. I read of thousands of people being speared by arrows, being maimed, horses dying and bleeding in the process. If this is just a book, what is the film. I venture into Amazon to take a peek at the other 4 books in the series. I noticed as the sequels appear, they even get longer, the last book being over a thousand pages and they tell the stories of further  wars, soldiers returning from the dead with black hands and blue eyes as well as dragons. Ok, I like a bit of fantasy, but somehow this is not my thing. I will finish this first book because I can say afterwards I read it, but am looking forward to reading something a little more rewarding afterwards.

Today I will pay a long anticipated visit to the hairdresser. I was thinking about letting my hair grow longer, but it has now become an annoyance and is hanging like a curtain in front of my eyes. Mr. Swiss says he will drive me into town. The whole operational process should not take longer than half an hour. Of course I will take the camera with me, you never know what might happen on the way.

And now to continue with my exciting day full of surprises and unexpected events. Perhaps Mr. Trump might trip over a hole at the golf course and break a leg. Enjoy your day wherever you are – see you around sometime.

Grass 13.07.2017

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