Daily Prompt: Today I found something grainy


It is the grainy time of the year. The fields are full of wheat and even the local store has a display of grainy plants. I happened to take a photo this morning, nothing special, but grainy. Even the grass in my garden is getting grainy because we are not cutting the grass.

Once upon a time we had a non grainy lawn. It was mowed daily by mowey, our automatic robot lawn mower. It had no chance to grow long enough to produce grains. It was a nice neat lawn that we had, perfect and we were proud of our lawn, because we had invested money into it, having it redone as a roll lawn – no grass seeds here, but a fitted carpet of grass. Oh yes, it was good, soft to the feet and the lawn cuttings automtically fell back into the lawn acting as fertiliser.

That was before the days of the building invasion. Now our lawn is growing between metal poles of scaffolding and partically buried beneath wooden supports.


This is no way to treat a lawn. We have reported it to the Society for Prevention to Cruelty to Lawns (SPCL in case you have never heard of them) but they had so many problems to deal with, they told us it would be at least a year until they could examine our problem. Lawns were being killed everywhere and the grains were invading. In the meanwhile our lawn is growing unattended, it will eventually become one grainy mass of grass, reproducing itself into places where it should not be. There are even appearances of clover here and there, not to metioned the dreaded daisies.

We were going to have the destroyed parts of the lawn replaced, but even this will be a problem. If you begin to dig to remove the dying parts of the lawn you may begin to dig out the underground electric cables belong to Mowey, our robot lawn mower. There is no end to this building misery.

In the meanwhile I take a walk now and again along the grainy fields of the surroundings where the corn is ripening. Those are the grains that belong and not the invasion.

I must now go, have an appointment at the hairdressers. She will be mowing my head and disposing of any grainy parts no longer needed.

Wheat 24.06.2017

Daily Prompt: Today I found something grainy

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Today I found something grainy

    • Now is the time to take a walk before they harvest everything that is growing. My hair has now been grained away and it was lying in heaps on the floor at the hairdressers.


  1. What a beautiful field. 🙂 Harvest will happen here at the end of the month. The Potato Festival is a month away. It’s been a very short summer for me. It started yesterday now that all the work is done on the house and I can only wait to find out how the refinance goes. It’s chilly in the morning with a definite nip of fall/winter in the air. I just have to make the best of what is ahead before winter… And, hopefully, next year I will have lunch with friends in Solothurn!

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