Share Your World – August 14, 2017

When you leave a room, do you turn the lights off behind you or keep the lights on throughout your house most of the time?

Feldbrunnen village 10 (8)
I am very sensitive about leaving lights on. We don’t even have a main light in the living room, just various different lamps in strategic places. I do not like leaving any electric appliances running if not necessary. I do not like bright lights at home. Perhaps it comes from earlier when electricity was almost a luxury. My mum remembered our old house in London being connected to the electric grid when she was a kid. Of course today it is all so natural to switch on, but it is not always natural to some people to switch off and I do.

What do you feel is the most enjoyable way to spend $500? 

A new iPhone, some sort of computer or above all a camera attachment. We golden oldies have moved on in the world 🙂

Complete this sentence: My favorite thing to do on my cell phone is…

Inserting a reminder where I would otherwise forget. At the moment I have a reminder for my medicine injection (every second day), a reminder for the hairdresser (on Wednesday) and this morning I put in a reminder that we have the general rubbish collection at the end of August where they take anything, but I will keep Mr. Swiss, he comes in handy.

What inspired you this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

Berries 13.08 (1)

Yesterday evening I escaped again. It was at least 2-3 weeks since I had risked taking an evening walk with the camera asI was having problems with walking. A stupid movement and my knee went on strike and it was painful. Gradually it improved. I am sure I did something to a muscle, nothing was broken. There is no point having extensive examinations, it eventually improves itself, although it needs time. It was a real encouragement for me to see how the plants were developing outside in the short space of time and that the berries were appearing.

Share Your World – August 14, 2017

23 thoughts on “Share Your World – August 14, 2017

  1. Um I used to have the cheapest cell phone I could get with no hooplas, but my husband made me get a fancier one, and told me to catch up with technology a little. 🙂

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    • I love my smartphone. We don’t have a landline, so I have my tel. no. and Mr, Swiss has his, although no-one really calls me. It has become my memory, you forget so much as you grow older. Just have to remember to put it into the phone.

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      • yeah that is a good point. We don’t have a landline either. Why pay for two phones?
        I use youtube like that. I keep lists on youtube to help me remember which songs I’ve liked, as songs are always changing.


    • I have been living with a smartphone for a few years. I always got a hand me down from Mr. Swiss, but one day I took a walk to town and bought a nice new iPhone, the same as Mr. Swiss and now I deal it with myself. I am now waiting for the next new model. Althugh I am fully equipped with good cameras I love the mobile phone camera for a quick photo and upload (via flickr), couldn’t be better. My iPhone is now a farmyard as Mr. Swiss kept stealing my tone so I organised something he would not choose. I have ducks quacking if someone calls, dogs barking for the afternoon alarm after my after dinner sleep, and a full bird chorus in the morning to wake me. Otherwise warnings are usually something ghostly – it is fun with a smartphone.


  2. I don’t like very bright lights because they give me a headache! Years of migraines have made me avoid very bright light in and out of the house. Even at the movies, I’ll cover my eyes if it’s extremely bright.

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    • I Very much dislike bright lights. I remember in the office we had a specialist that switched all the lights on when she arrived in the morning. I hated it and had enough light from my computer screen.


  3. I seem to be the opposite of many of you as I dislike dark rooms. I prefer natural daylight though and don’t really like putting the lights on during the day. As for reminders on the phone, that would work well if I would carry the phone around with me when I am at home but generally I don’t. Sometimes I even forget to turn it on for a few days if I am not going out. I do have a landline though.

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    • I don’t like artificial light or bright lights. I can carry my phone with me in a pocket. Otherwise it is never far away. I am not someone that must continually play with my smartphone, but for me it is very useful.

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  4. I’m a candle lover. soothing, mustn’t leave unattended though. getting out side every morning is a blessing given to me. 4 am, 4 mile run. In March of 2017 I was struggling to walk across a one lane street, road. How life can change so suddenly. The blessing is greatly appreciated.

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    • We tend to use candles more in the winter evenings. I like to take a walk now and again, but usually in the early evening. I have to check on my movability in the mornings as I can no longer walk as smoothly as I used to.

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      • I am happy to hear from you. There are mornings that I find myself getting up from sleeping & feeling my joints a bit stiff. I am fortunate enough to stretch a little and then be on my way. This morning here it’s pouring out so my run will be a bit shorter. Please take care of you.

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          • I must say that I am blessed with no ailments other than being way too sensitive and at times have a rough time being around some people who are abrasive to me. I’m limit my interactions with people. I’m sorry to hear of your hurt and I’m also aware that you have a good idea how to manage it.

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