Good Morning

Feldbrunnen estate 13.08 (14)

Yesterday they let me out again. I had planned an evening walk all day, was looking forward to it. I had not been as fit as I should be over the past couple of weeks, but every day it seemed to get a little better. Yesterday I could even get into the bath using my left leg first, which was a vast improvement. Sounds silly I know, but there is a certain direction you like to stand when havig a shower and not first of all make a pirouette to get there.

The next improvement was that I was again walking in my home mainly without support. I felt more sure footed, so I was determined that it would be a day of a walking alone, of course you never walk alone they say, but I had my cane with me and the camera, so what could possibly go wrong. It was a nice sunny day, not too hot. I had finished all my computer tasks, had a bite to eat and was off with a reminder from Mr. Swiss that I must have my mobile telephone with me.

Feldbrunnen estate 13.08 (10)

I decided on a safe walk through the village near to where I live. I noticed that people had odd metal pieces in front of their gardens. There must be an metal collection was my thought. I then remembered that I had two large metal plant climbing supports that I wanted to throw out as they would no longer be needed after our renovation work: this special collection only happens twice a year. When I returned home I spoke to the family team about it. Mr. Swiss said the neighbour told him it was today, but we have nothing in any case. It was then that I got into action and said we do have something, and it is now or never. No. 1 son had to be organised, as he is the strong man of the family, although the metal parts were not so heavy. I was tired and a little worn out, but with my last strength I got it all arranged and No. 1 son was seen transporting two large pieces of metal to the collection point of our renderings. I then collapsed into my office chair and began to upload the photo products of my walk.


There is action in our building world this morning. It seems that our neighbours above are having their balconies returned. Their entrances to the balcony were boarded up with wooden planks to stop any accidents of people falling from the heights. There was then noise and dirt from the work being done on the balcony, and eventually a football net lookalike was hung on the balcony – everyone survived.

Today two men have arrived with the original balcony fronts, our block is slowly getting normal conditions. We again have action,. I am sure our neighbours will be pleased with this development after having no usable balcony for the past 4 months, especially as they have small children. We were told that one team of workers will be leaving us in September and eventually the painters will  be here for the finishing touches.

And now I must go, I was hugging the bed for far too long this morning, there are things to be done and places to be seen with a hoover. Have a nice day and who knows, one day my hibiscus will not have to share its photo with part of the scaffolding. It can only get better.


2 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I really envy your “collect anything” day. We have stuff we can only get rid of by paying someone to take away, including one huge old television and other electronic stuff. There’s no free collection around here. We pay.

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    • It is twice a year that they collect stuff too large for a normal collection. Electronic apparatus and computers we can give the supermarket for disposal. Metal is collected separately.. we pay 210 Swiss francs annually for rubbish colllection. For normal rubbish disposal once a week a special plastic bag must be used which cost approx. a Swiss Franc each according to their size.


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