Daily Prompt: It’s prickly near the horses

Horses 21.03 (2)

When you take a photo of a horse, it is a wonderful experience. The horse is in the right place at the right time and even looks at the camera – the perfect photo. You poise and keep still on your shaky legs (mine are always shaky), the camera is hanginging around your neck and now you are ready.

It is the moment you are waiting for, but as you are ready for the photo of the year the ground seems to sink beneath your feet. Balance is playing one of its tricks and what do you do. You grab the nearest object to stop the fall. Unfortunately this is a fence. I now it it written in clear letters, even in red – “a real fence”, real being the red part. Of course it is real, any fool can see it.  It makes no difference really what language you speak or understand, if there are two flashes of lightening resembling something from a Nazi sign, you know you are in danger. Even Donald Trump would recognise it.  “Elektrozaun” means electric fence. These things are not what you concentrate on when falling.”

Stop the fall by grabbing the fence. The horse was still watching, thinking “stupid human” and knowing he would not touch that fence for the price of a freshly picked carrot: yes, did you notice, the horse is a stallion, although I only discovered this when examining the photo afterwards.

If you grab a fence under electric current it prickles, adding to the experience of the plunge into space. Not even the fence helps and you immediately let go. Luckily the current is low enough not to kill a horse, although I am convinced that horses have more resistance to electric currents than humans.

Of course I immdiately let go of the fence, but the ground was approaching, so in an impetuous moment I grabbed the fence again. This was the last chance, the current was again racing through my body, mainly my arm, with a mega prickle, my last moment on earth had arrived and I was convinced that this would be my last photo of a horse. Just look at the way he is staring at me “Fool human, can’t she read, it is even in sign language”.

This all happened more than a year ago and today I am alive to tell the tale. The horse is also still alive and I could swear he laughs at me every time I pass by, especially if I am carrying a camera.

pylons gold

Daily Prompt: It’s prickly near the horses

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: It’s prickly near the horses

    • I have really learnt my lesson now as I had to go to the ER afterwards because I couldn’t stand under my own steam afterwards. It was then one thing lead t another and they discovered that I was suffering from MS and since at least 30-40 years.


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