Good Morning


Back to the daily trot, although I am still in my thoughts in Schaffhausen. One of those unforgettable week-ends away from it all. Home is also quite nice, were it not for our eternal renovational work, but we gradually see an end to the tunnel of darkness and despair. Yesterday our italian brigade arrived and covered the stones on our patio with white plastic. What will they be doing, an attack with a spray gun of styropor?

We asked, and it seems the facad will now be covered with a layer of cement and a net, which could make a mess. Mr. Swiss and I were a little surprised. In the past months when the work began we have been bombarded with gravel, stones, white particles and metal objects and now, in the last months, we get a cover on the tiles for protection: a bit late to think about these things. Our italian friends said goodbye with the promise they will be back. In the meanwhile another builder has arrived and is mounting a metal plate on the bottom edge of our walls.

At the moment the rain is still falling, but I even managed to clean over my windows yesterday in between when it stopped raining. I was actually going to leave them, but I only did the outside of the glass where they had splodges of white styropor. It was only a half hour job and I was happy for a clear view afterwards.

Journey to Langendorf 09.08 (9)

I managed to get a clear shot of our local mountain  from the car, despite the rain clouds. You can see quite clearly the supports for the gondola railway on the photo. It used to be a chair lift, but it was so old that they could not get any more spare parts for repairs, so a new system had to be installed. There were many that found we should keep the old system but they were overruled and now we have the new modern way of mountain travel. We are still thinking about an excursion to the top. It would be a great opportunity for some photos, but we just cannot be bothered, and it would really only be a ten minute drive. In the meanwhile I just take a few photos from below.

Yesterday evening I composed our cloud list on the mobile phone. This morning Mr. Swiss added a few items and we are ready to go on the week-end safari to the supermarket. Somehow it seems to me that the weeks are slowly becoming a collection of week-ends, time goes so fast, especially when you become a golden oldie.

And now I will leave you as the vacuum cleaner and mop are calling. My last photo was taken from the train just before it reached Shaffhausen. I do not know the name of the river, but it is not the Rhine. – Correction, in the meanwhile Mr. Swiss tells me that this river is the Töss.

Schaffhausen 06.08 (145)

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