Daily Prompt: It’s glaring

Cows 16 (1)

“How sweet and she is looking directly at me, I am sure she likes me.”

“Let’s go.”

“No hurry, I want to take a few more photos.”

“Forget it, we are going.”

“But my photos. She will have the best place in my photo collection. Imagine how everyone will get jealous of such a nice looking cow. And she has horns which is not something you often see. Today they are always removing the horns. At last a cow with horns. Although that ring through her nose with the rope does not look so good. I am sure it must disturb her.

Where are you going? I am not finished.”

“Going, I cannot get away quick enough.”

“But she is such a nice cow and she is still looking at me.”

“She is not looking but glaring. If you perhaps would concentrate with your camera on a rear view of the animal, you might change your mind about it being sweet and pretty.”

“But I don’t take photos of the back parts of a cow.”

“Just take a look, I am on my way.”


“Yes it is oh.”

“I have never seen a cow with something like that hanging down under the tail. They usually just have an udder.”

“This one has no udder because it does not give milk and is commonly know as “bull”. That is also why it has horns, so stop referring to it as she. The ring through its nose is to attach a rope to pull it along, if it refuses.”

“How clever you are, I never thought of that.”

“Yes, and now let’s go. Bulls are not for taking photos, they have another purpose.”

“It’s a bull? OK, wait for me, it has started to make funny noises and no longer looks so friendly. Perhaps it might be in love with one of those cows over there. They are cows because they have an udder.”

“I am not keen on watching true love blossom between two bovine examples or determining the sex of four legged animals that say “moo”, or roar.”

“But think of the photos.”

“Of course, give me the camera and I will take one as it charges you. Do you want to borrow my red jacket?”

“I am not cold.”

“I was thinking it might make an interesting photo when it charges and you hold it in front of its eyes, something like the Swiss toreador’s last stand.”

“Very funny, wait for me, no it is just mounting one of the cows, what a lovely action photo. Hey where are you – he’s gone, missing all the action.”

Daily Prompt: It’s glaring

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: It’s glaring

    • I thought he was quite cool, but Mr. Swiss got worried, but he grew up in the country. I think itvwas the fits Bull I had ever seen. The meadows here are full of cows.


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