Photo Challenge: Elemental

Gösgen 06.08 (2)

It is only steam they tell us, nothing worth worrying about. Of course I am not worried when I take the train to Zürich and pass through Gösgen where one of the Swiss nuclear power plants stands, since 1979, I always try for a good photo from the passing train. This time I was lucky. Up to now nothing has happened, and after all it is only steam and steam comes from water – a natural element. Bordered by the Jura mountains it has its touch of romance. You can even see the steam as you fly over so you always know where you are – I saw it every time I flew to London from Zürich blowing through the clouds.

You can even visit the power plant, as a tourist, but you have to make arrangements. Once someone wanted to visit with a geiger counter. Strangely they told him this was not permitted, I wonder why, after all it is all so elemental, or? You were expecting Swiss mountains, sorry to disappoint you, but Swiss alps get boring with time. OK, last week-end we were in Schaffhausen, so I will leave you with something more elementary, one of my 200 photos of the Rheinfall in Schaffhausen.

Rheinfall 06.08 (17)

Photo Challenge: Elemental

7 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Elemental

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    • Switzerland are searching for an alternative. Windmills are appearing, but they are not so ideal. Birds fly into them and they are a disturbance to the land scape. Switzerland used water power, but people today need more energy and the supply was not covering the needs.


  2. Bet that steam contains more than ONE element! I visited one of our local nuclear plants and they were very picky about what you did while you were there. They also didn’t let you ask questions or take notes.

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    • We have a few of those places in Switzerland and it is the same her. They say it is harmless steam, bu I wonder what they cook to produce the steam. Actually we voted to leave nuclear energy but it will take years and the replacement will not be cheap


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