Good Morning

Schaffhausen 06.08 (77)

Even Kanton Schaffhausen has its mountain range, known as the Rande, although to us from Solothurn with the Jura in the back garden, these “mountains” were more like larger hills. This particular “hill” even had an antenna on the top, probably for TV. Again you see a vineyard on the right. The white mark on the photo is from my son’s car window and not the camera lens. I told him to clean the windows for our next visit. That’s what mums are for.

Rheinfall 06.08 (28)

Looking down on the Rheinfall there is Schloss Laufen which has a railway leading to it and it seems a lift to reach the top. We only saw it from a distance, but another interesting landmark. We also many large industrial campanies are also in the Rheinfall area, such as SIG (Swiss Industrial Company).

Rheinfall 06.08 (1)

What a lovely view to have from your office window, we only had railway lines where I worked, although in the distance you could see the first range of the Jura.

After two days of enjoying our stay we eventually said goodbye to Schaffhausen. We will return definitely when the heir appears in September, but normal life goes on. On the day we left the parents of my son’s wife had arrived for a couple of days from Germany. We do not see them often as we both live in two different directions so it was a nice reunion.

We are now back to the renovation work living in the scaffolding to the background music of some sort of machine. This time it is a lighter taste of music and no longer the William Tell Overture, more the Nutcracker Suite.

Tomorrow is time for the annual garage examination and tune up of our car. Our garage has moved from along the road to out of town in another village: no big problem, but it means that after bringing the car Mr. Swiss will have to return home by bus and again by bus to pick up the car in the late afternoon. As Thursday is not really a car day for me, it is not a great problem.

I should urgently go to the hairdresser as my hair is no longer doing what I want.  I had a silly idea about letting it grow, but it does not grow how and where I want it to and does its own thing. This afternoon the plumber is calling about our tap in the kitchen. It no longer switches of when we tell it to, and we have to make manipulations to prevent the Niagara Falls in the kitchen sink, so forget the hairdresser. Tomorrow we do not have a car and it will be Friday afternoon, if I am lucky, to include my scalping programme.

And now to the supermarket for a change. The sun is shining, the monsoon season is making a pause, so everything under control. It is funny how you enjoy daily life when you take a break. The monotony is no longer there. Yesterday I even enjoyed cleaning the bathroom which is really an exception.

I leave you with some grapes from Schaffhausen.

Schaffhausen 06.08 (95)

4 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I too would call that a big hill rather than a mountain. We have a few mountains in Massachusetts, but much further to the west of us on the border with New York. The Appalachians are beautiful, but they are “old” mountains, made soft by their time on this earth. You get the really impressive ones out west. The Sierra Nevada and Rocky Mountains are the real deal. I don’t know why I love mountains so much, but I do. I always feel good when I’m high up there. Maybe it’s the air?

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    • The real mountains in Switzerland are the alps where we often spent our summer holidays. I got to know the names of most of the peaks and on a good day we see them from where we live. Most Kantons of Switzerland have their own mountain trade marks, but they are now riddled with railway and road tunnels or motorways over the top. Not to mention that many have been hollowed out for storage of military articles.


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