Daily Prompt: The Last Carousel

M - me

“Hey Lady, want a ride?”

“A what?”

“A ride on the carousel.”

“On my own, no I am too old.”

“You’re never to old for a carousel. Even my grandad went on the carousel and my grandma.”

“But your carousel is for kids.  With my proportions I wouldn’t fit on the seat.”

“Every one fits into my carousel. We are only here today, so make the most of it. There’s a nice wooden horse just waiting for a customer.”

“But the carousel is empty, and it doesn’t seem to be working at the moment.”

“Now I have your interest. Come on, I will let it run just for you. There is no-one here to see and I will make it extra slow. You won’t fall off, no-one has ever fallen off my carousel.”

“But I would look silly on my own on a carousel.”

“No-one is looking.”

“You are.”

“I will have to concentrate on the machinery, this was not built in the days of automation. I have to do it all by hand to make sure to get you arrive at your destination.”

“I have a destination, I thought it just went in circles.”

“Oh yes, it does, but even circles have their destinations. Come on, climb up.”

“What does it cost?”

“For you. you can pay me afterwards according to how you liked it.”

“Do you really think?”

“Come on lady up you go. See, that was easy.”

“And very comfortable.”

“And now we are on our way, just hold on and relax, I am in charge. Here we gooooooo.”

And that was the last journey that she took in life, but it was the best of them all. As the carousel turned she waved to her dad and mum, even George her husband was watching and laughing. When the carousel stopped turning he helped her to get off the horse and she walked away hand in hand with George. At last, it was 10 years ago that they took their last walk together, before he got his heart attack. She never regretted her last ride on the carousel.

Villeroy Boch Carousel

Daily Prompt: The Last Carousel

12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Last Carousel

    • Me too, I saw this carousel over the week-end and really wish I I taken a better photo. It was so quaint and old fashioned, nothing with machinery. I just wish Mr. Swiss would not take photos of my back view. We really do not get better as we get older, but perhaps like old wine, riper. 🙂


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