One Word Photo Challenge: Horse

Shire Horse Guiness

Across the main road from where I live there is a path leading to the local castle. If you branch off towards the left there is another path that leads to the local stables. They do not only have horses, but chickens and geese as well. I often take a walk along the path for some photos of the horses . This is in memory of Guiness, a shire horse they had. The people owning the stable went to Ireland and brought him to Switzerland when he was a young horse. That was probably why he was called Guiness.  When I first saw him he was already 22 years old and no longer so fit. He had problems with rhumatism and was no longer used for riding, but he had a good life at the stables and spoilt by all. One day he was no longer there, his day had come for the happy horse hunting grounds. I still miss him today when I go to the stables to take a few photos.

One Word Photo Challenge: Horse

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