Good Morning

Rheinfall 06.08 (6)

The wanderer has returned. After a week-end away visiting No. 2 son in the village of Wilchingen, which no-one here has ever heard of, I am back. Of course I had to begin this blog with a photo of the main attraction of the area. He lives in Kanton Schaffhausen where the Rhein flows, and that have something called the Rheinfalls: not quite Niagara, but something similar. I will probably be inundating you with photos of the Rheinfalls in the next week.

One photo is not enough I decided. Yesterday evening after we arrived home, we unpacked and relaxed and then I decided to upload my photos. It was a feast for the camera, and I had 220 photos to work on. There were at least 50 photos of the Rheinfalls alone from all angles and close-ups. It is a shame you cannot hear the water rushing down.

When we arrived at the station in Schaffhausen No. 2 son was waiting on the platform. Lunch was already organised and he had booked in at the Rheinfall restaurant where you have a panorarmic view over the falls as you eat.

Rheinfall 06.08 (14)

The restaurant is the building on the right. As you can see there are plenty of people around. It is a tourist attraction and you hear all languages around you.  The weather was perfect what could be better than having a view of the Rheinfall when eating dinner.

Schaffhausen 06.08 (21)

We chose the meat menu, although there was also a fish menu. There are plenty of fish in the quieter waters of the river nearer to the restaurant. There are so many that they even had a sign showing pictures of the various fish and their names.. not Fred or Joe but the type of fish they were.

Fish in Rheinfall 06.08 (1)

Schaffhausen is on the Swiss borders to Germany. This was not my first time here and I had visited almost 50 years ago the last time when I was fresh in Switzerland. There were many boats ready to take the tourists for a closer look at the falls, but I was happy to sit in the restaurant and view it all from a safe distance.

Rheinfall 06.08 (22)

All good things come to an end and I left Schaffhausen with a camera full of photos, although it will probably not be a last visit, having a son that lives only a short drive away from the town of Schaffhausen.

Our journey went very well. We had enough time for changing trains in Zürich and there were no delays. My only problem was climbing up the steep stairs onto the train and descending again, knowing which foot to put first, but I had enough helpers on the way

And now I will leave you with a nice close up view of the falls.

Rheinfall 06.08 (19)

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Well dear Pat and readers; Don’t ever say again that nobody knows about Wilchingen…. They have a very good red wine, known far beyond their region, called Wilchinger!!! It was my brother’s wedding wine too 🙂
    I absolutely adore the Rheinfall. It’s an ever changing and never disappointing view and the restaurant with the view on it would be my choice too. Much better to view it from a little distance than getting too near it in a boat – I am an ardent swimmer but was always too afraid to go into those boats….
    Thank you for this excellent ‘début’ of the new week. We started ours in beautiful glorious Devon and had a ferry trip between Torquay and Brixham with a wonderful fish&chips&garden peas meal….

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am not so much into wine but saw enough vineyards in Schaffhausen, even my son has a. Vine in his garden.
      I did not know Kanton Schaffhausen so well, but it is very rural and attraktive. Villages everywhere. Sunflower oil production also seems to be popular and there were fields everywhere.


    • I had the same feeling when I was in Austria. I think it very much depends on how free the sky is. Where I live we have the Jura mountains at the back of us and towards the South we get the alps. Somewhere there is always something to crowd in the sky. Vienna had no mountains and Schaffhausen also had none. The sky is open, you see many clouds and the light is definitely influenced – it gives is space to develop.


    • They are certainly something very special and a feast for the camera. There are many sorts of fish and are all described on a poster. We will be returning again. My son has a wonderful house in a village near Schaffhausen.


  2. Great pictures. At first glance, I thought I was looking at the ocean surf coming in. I started reading and realized the water higher up was the falls pouring into the river. Outstanding photos, thank you again for taking us all to Switzerland.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Switzerland has no ocean, but plenty of rivers and lakes. The Rheinfall are on the borders of Switzerland to Germany. It is very much a tourist attraction.


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