Good Morning


“When this is the first thing you see when you look out of the window after you stop hugging the bed and hear words of the italian language you realise you are not on holiday on the Italian riviera but you live in an appartment house on the ground floor that is being renovated and encased in scaffolding. Life goes on, and so we have to learn to bear with it.

In the meanwhile I have an important announcement: not so important for most people, but for me. On the other hand it depends whether you are on one of my disciples or not. First all I have not decided to stop blogging. We golden oldies need something to keep our brain ticking, no. I am going away for the week-end.

On Saturday my computer will be sleeping and on Sunday it might return, but only later in my evening. So where am I going? At last Mr. Swiss and I are venturing into the wilds of the Schaffhausen area, in the far east of Switzerland, where my No. 2 son and his wife live. We will be going by train as driving 2-3 hours on the motorway is not our thing and we have a more or less direct connection from our station via Zürich. The main problem might be changing trains in Zürich as we only have 7-8 minutes to find the platform which is the so-called s-bahn, meaning it is further underground and there will be steps to overcome, if we managed to find them. Zürich station has become a victim of expansion and if you are fit and quick there is no problem. Mrs. Swiss is fitter than I am. However no big problem I hope. If we miss the first connection we only have half an hour to wait for the next connection.

The nice thing about Schaffhausen is that they have the Rhinfalls, a mega waterfall attraction on the Rhine and No. 2 son said they will pick us up at the station in Scaffhausen and we will travel further for lunch at the restaurant at the Rheinfall. It is not quite Niagara, but what is?

No. 1 son will be remaining at home and in charge of everything, as well as Tabby our cat, so there should be no problems. I think this is the first time we have gone anywhere for a few years. To me it is a world journey, although only two days. As I will become a grandmother some time in September I am looking forward to the visit.  Of course there will be a big opportunity for some photos while I am there, some fresh food for the camera.

Otherwise we will make a short excursion to the supermarket today. No. 1 son said he prefers to have his main meals in town, although he would be quite capable of fixing something up at home.

And now to move on. I will still be around today, but will be busy organising. Yes, it is a short step for manking, but a complicated one for a golden oldie.

Enjoy the day.

Road to Langendorf 31.07 (20)

17 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Getting away from one’s usual surroundings is good for many reasons. Puts a bit of spring in your step … and if not quite Zebedee, at least a little ‘boing’.
    I’ll be interested to see the photos of the falls.
    Take some shots of the train and the journey etc as well?

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    • Perhaps I overdid a bit with my 220 photos, but it was worth it. We enjoyed it very much discovering an area of Switzerland that we did not know so well. Small villages with large agricultural spaces in between.

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