Daily Prompt: Surrounded by symphonies


The quiet days have gone, since the builders took over. Our symphony of bird song is now finished, I have not seen a bird since the builders arrived Butterflies are also now scarce and even my cat prefers to keep herself to herself when unknown humans are near.

Today I was  indulging in my after dinner sleep, which is a signal for all good builders to make noise. I had just finishing sleeping when the sound of a radio station entered my window. One of the builders said to the other “not tool loud as it could be a bother” and I added “expecially when I am sleeping” which was registered outside of my window. I am now awake and ready to go and have two young men in front of my window designing and fitting a new cover to the basis of the insulation of the wall. It seems that the first attempt did not work, but after some small adjustents to the metal casing, which one of the workers assured me was not just metal but stainless steel, it now fits. It is all happening accompanied by a regular tact of a hammer and saw with background music from the radio.

In an hour there will  be silence as the workman’s working day is finished, although it is just an interlude. Tomorrow the work goes on. It is quite a modern symphony with rapping involved in swiss German, German and Italian. Now an again a meow can be heard from my cat, who likes to join in.

Daily Prompt: Surrounded by symphonies

5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Surrounded by symphonies

  1. If Gershwin were here, he would take all the sound of your country life and the workmen and fuse it into a beautiful symphony of sound … Like Rhapsody in Blue, maybe? You ARE getting near the end, are you not? Cling to that!

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    • I was thinking more of Charles Ives, he could make music out of every carcophony. I am near the end, but the building still has two months to go, if we are lucky. It seems the roof is finished, now all we need is a net over everything and a coat or two of paint.


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