Good Morning

Back Garden

When you see a builder dressed in his working clothes walk past your garden you know that the long week-end of peace is over and they are back. Although the peace was not so peaceful yesterday, being the national fireworks day of Switzerland. Tabby spent most of the evening under the settee, or seeking comfort with the humans. However, felines have short memories and in the early hours of the morning she ventured outside.

No. 1 son decided to go into town yesterday evening to watch the firework display. We forgot he had gone and of course locked the front door and left the key in the lock. In the early morning hours he returned and could not enter, so he had to ring the doorbell, waking us both. Luckily I was awake first of all but am not exactly speedy Gonzales by the time I can move myself, but Mr. Swiss heard it as well. Usually we make sure that the key is not in the lock, but as yesterday was an exceptional situation of going out in the middle of the week and we forgot.

I went to bed with bangs as a background noise, but somehow it did not disturb my sleep. My hollyhocks are flowering nicely. They began as seeds from a yellow hollyhock that has gone for some time, and now return annually with a slight pink tinge at the edges. As soon as the dreaded building purge is over I have some seeds to replace those that they trampled to death when they were building the scaffolding.

Mr. Swiss was bird watching again. He said there were three crows sitting on the roof opposite and one of them was giving the other two a clean up by pecking around in their feathers. Oh, the excitement of life in the country. The neighbour’s boy is at the moment making a wonderful imitation of a police car which makes us think, perhaps it is not so bad having your grandkids at a distance.

And now to organise my yesterday daily prompts for the grid which was not working. It seems that WordPress had forgotten how to alter the name of the month on their software, and so we were all locked out in the cold.

And now to make decisions as today we have an appiontment at the supermarket for buying food. I should really get out again for a walk, but the week has been busy for a golden oldie and my left leg has not been doing what it should. It can only get better, I hope.

See you around, I hope to be back have a nice day.

Tansy 31.07.2017

4 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • And we have another heat wave although mainly on the west side. In the afternoon it is cooler where I write thank goodness. We don’t mind a shower now and again as it cools down and we don’t have to spray the garden.


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