Good Morning

Road to Langendorf 31.07 (5)

The Swiss National Day has arrived, although some could not wait and we were serenaded all night with bangs by those who could not wait. Our feline, Tabby, spent the night indoors sleeping in her Winter quarters, otherwise in Summer she sleeps outside. Yesterday we drove past the town entrance gates and I saw from afar that they were already decorated with a Swiss flag and some red an white stripy stuff. Red and white are the colours of our Kanton of Solothurn.

1st August 31.07 (4)

Even our village of Feldbrunnen (Feld=meadow, Brunnen=fountain) deicded to hang out its local flags as they do every year. One of the neighbours remarked that they are again hanging out the old washed out bits and pieces to celebrate. It doesn’t bother me, being a paper Swiss. On the other hand we are a small village, with quite a share of Swiss france millionaires and a few villas dotted around, so perhaps something better could be presented. Although I believe many of our millionaires made their fortunes in other countries. Mr. Swiss notices that more and more engish is spoken in the village with an american accent. Perhaps we will be celebrating 4th July next year.

1st August

The local supermarket made an effort on Swiss patiotism by selling plastic windmills with a Swiss pattern on them. I took the photo in the supermarket and did not buy one. So what do the Swiss do today? I noticed that the supermarket was packed with food shoppers yesteray, all buying their meat for the b-b-q at home, although the weather forecast predicted storms and torrential rain. At the moment the sun is shining. Many invite family and friends to the celebration at home and there will be lots of flash bangs in the gardens. The local town of Solothurn usually has its firework show on boats positioned on the river. There is also a procession for the children where they walk with illuminated paper lanterns showing Swiss designs. We just remain at home comforting a cat whose world is coming to an end. Mr. Swiss tells me that dogs are even more a problem. Cats are the hardliners I suppose.

What we are actually celebrating is a country that began with a few little states, but as the income tax advantages grew, more and more states joined in, although that is my opinion. The patiotic Swiss would talk about independence from the others, like Austrians and Germans etc. etc. Anyhow the mountains will be alive with fires burning on the tops tonight, if it doesn’t rain. When we were younger we would take family holidays at this time, and spent many 1st August in the Bernese Overland, where Switzerland was invented. However you soon noticed that are are only tolerated and the locals keep to themselves.

Swiss Bread

I bought a Swiss special bread some time last week, but found it was nothing different than usual soft bread, the only difference being that someone stuck a swiss flag into it.

And now I will move on. Life goes on, whether Switzerland has a birthday or not and I have things to do. Enjoy the day, see you around.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Life goes on indeed! I feel the same about all this sort of stuff down here in South Africa.
    After a while you think: Well work still needs to be done, the cats and dogs need feeding and the dishes won’t do themselves either!

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  2. The pinwheels are cute. Might keep Tabby mesmerized for hours? No, I didn’t think so. Tabby is much too brilliant to watch some plastic spin in the breeze. Happy Swiss National Day to you.

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    • We have a pinwheel in the garden, but I don’t think Tabby has ever noticed it. He is more into real life, like spinning birds. Fireworks have been sounding all day, around us. This evening will be the big thing and we might even see some firework shows from our garden. All the villagers are invited to a free meal and drink up at the castle, but I won’t bother to go.


    • I would say ask the Chinese, they invented it all. I am not really sure what the Swiss are celebrating. It all started with three, or was it four states , in 1291 and then the rest joined in. Our Kanton of Solothurn joined in 1481, I remember us celebrating 500 years and that only seems yesterday although it was 1981. The last was Kanton Jura in 1979, It was actually Bern, but they had a vote and part of the area decided to become Kanton Jura. They are still discussing it today, as a few other parts would like to leave Bern and become part of Jura.
      You can find it all here Cantons of Switzerland


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