Daily Prompt: Where’s my Toothbrush

“Which one?”

“Today’s toothbrush of course.”

“Perhaps you prepared it yesterday.”

“I don’t prepare my toothbrushes dear, because I always have them ready. You know I like to clean my teeth before an important meeting to make a good impression for my daily appointments. I cannot disappoint the customers. We have been married for almost eternity, you should really know by now.”

“You must have mislaid it Rip, even you are getting older and more forgetful.”

“My job calls for eternal age, I do not get older and certainly not forgetful. My clock ticks as always.”

“Hi dad, going out.”

“Of course, I have a job to do, cannot disappoint people, just wanted to clean my teeth first. An important part of my work, but cannot find my toothbrush.”

“Even you are getting older dad.”

“So, enough, you mother said the same. I do not get older, and my memory is not failing me.”

“Got some customers today dad?”

“I have customers every day, never out of work. What are you doing son?”

“Cleaning my teeth of course. As your apprentice I should always look the part.”

“But that is my toothbrush.”

“You said it was about time I took life more seriously, it does not last forever, so I am using your toothbrush, a family heirloom.”

“Only when I say so son.”

“But I thought I would give you a hand and I have never had such clean teeth with this toothbrush.”

“Ok, give me a few minutes and I will be ready, but I really do not think we should share the toothbrush yet. One day your time will come I know, like all of us.”

“Leave the philosophising dad, we all know about it, So where are we going today?”

“Same place as usual and polish your hands. It is an important part, people see your hand, especially the one where you hold the …. you knw what I mean.”

“You mean I can carry it today.”

“Just an exception, so that you get used to it it. Do not forget, this is an eternal job, clean teeth and clean hands The toothbrush is an important part of the equipment. We want to leave a good impression. How do I look?”

“Great dad, your passport photo does you credit.”

Teeth Pat Inselspital 2 docx

And they left together, father and son, both with wonderfully clean, polished teeth. They closed the door behind them where the name stood “Grim R. Reaper and Son, 24 hour service”.

Daily Prompt: Where’s my Toothbrush?

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Where’s my Toothbrush

  1. It’s another empty day on the Daily Prompt network. I had a lovely idea for toothbrush as I have now been told I have to brush Bonnie’s teeth and have a new electric toothbrush for my own. But alas, they are down and I’m far too lazy to write it anyway. What is the matter with them that they can’t consistently get this very simple thing correct? Oh well. Have a GREAT morning!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is the first of the month, and things always go wrong when they have to change the name of the month. They are not sure which month comes next. I have a wonderful Philips sonic toothbrush and is perfect. Usually the machines dies on me after 10-11 months, but no problem. I have the guarantee and they send me a new one as a replacement – what could be better.
      It is now afternoon and a fantastic light show outside, no fireworks, but a thunderstorm.


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