Mundane Monday: Challenge #120 Through the scaffold


We are enshrouded in scaffolding for half a year. My photos are influenced, I never realised that building constructions also have their merits. This was just a shot in the morning: blue skies, part of the hedge and of course metal stairs and platforms – all part of the scenery.

Mundane Monday: Challenge #120 Through the scaffold

6 thoughts on “Mundane Monday: Challenge #120 Through the scaffold

    • Miss it? Perhaps I might throw a party c lebrating the abscence of styrofoam particles in the air, not being able to eat my meals outside for a complete summer, being able to relax in a chair with a book outside and of course the background effects of the builder discussions about where the various tools had disappeared to, not to mention the noise of pneumatic tools and the destruction of a few flower bushes cause by trampling buider’s boots.

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      • LOL….by now I imagine you’ve mapped out the return to normalcy and yes the party would be a good idea…does the place look better for all the inconvenience caused?

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        • We don’t yet know as it is now completely encased in white cladding material. Eventually it will be painted a pale shade of green, I hate green, and we will have a new large sun blind for the porch with a green design which is a question of taste, but not mine.

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