Daily Prompt: It was pure lust


“Did you say something?”


“Where are you?”


“Wait I am coming.”

“No, I am reaching a point of no return, this is heaven on earth.”

“Are you alone. Sounds wonderful.”

“Yes, it is, one of life’s delights.”

“Just a moment.”

“Why? I don’t need you, i am doing this all on my own,”

“I can join you, and then it would be even better. both of us together.”

“No, that won’t work. I don’t want to share. There are some pleasures in life that you have to indulge in on your own. Oh, this is so juicy.”

“I never knew you from that side. Please let me join you. It really sounds like one of those moments never to be forgotten, to be shared.”

“It is, it is so lucious, soft and mmmmmm.”

“I am on my way, just have to take my socks off.”

“Did you have to say that, now you have spoilt everything.”

“But you said I look silly with nothing on except for my socks.”

“Did I? I don’t remember. I didn’t invite you to join me, I want to absorb this pleasure all on my own. I don’t care if you keep your socks on or not.”

“I never knew you were like that.”

“Like what? There are some things in life that I want to indulge in on my own and whether you are wearing socks or not makes no difference.”

“What are you wearing.”

“That is not relevant what I am wearing. OK, I can change my t-shirt afterwards I suppose, it is now full of stains.”

“I am on my way.”

“What do you think you are doing. It is 10 o.clock in the morning, I have just finished cleaning the kitchen and you are standing there stark naked, you don’t even have any socks on.”

“But I thought you preferred me without socks.”

“Not at 10 in the morning. We are going shopping, remember.”

“It sounded like you wanted something else.”

“I did and enjoyed it to every last lick and bite and now I am going shopping. Just let me tidy up first of all and have a clean up.”

“But I wanted to share your pleaasure.”

“Too late, although I think there is still one left, but don’t make a mess, although you can have a quick shower afterwards as you are not dressed in any case. You could have at least kept your pyjamas on, you never know if the neighbours might be looking.”

“One left? You mean there were more of you?”

“Three to be exact, but I chose the one that was completely ripe. It was oozing with moisture. You can have one of the others, but hurry, we should really go shopping and dont make a mess.”


Daily Prompt: It was pure lust

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