Good Morning

Grasshopper 27.07 (1)

We had a visitor. Apparently he arrive two days ago and spent the night in the bedroom on the first day. Mr. Swiss did not tell me, as he thought I might have sleeping problems knowing that I was sharing the room with a grasshopper. I might have done, although grasshoppers do not come under my “dangerous” insects. They just hop around and keep themselves to themselves unless they meet my cat. Then their life has a sudden end as it seems grasshopper is a delicacy amongst the feline population. I only discovered his existence when he appeared on the kitchen wall, but too high for a decent photo. Yesterday I was cleaning windows (again) and there he was sitting outside on the window ready for a photo session.

Window cleaning has become almost a full time job since the building invasion began. It snows constantly with styrofoam particles, although on the west side the windows are not so exposed, just one of them. I decided to have a look at the east side, and noticed a wipe over would do them good. When I retured to the west side I realised I had left a window open, and yes, two chairs and the floor resembled a snow scene, so my work was cut out for the morning.

Yesterday we were both suffering from symptoms of goldenoldieism or whatever it is called. Mr. Swiss was in town and I began to cook a lunch of spaghetti. When Mr. Swiss arrived home lunch was ready and I began to serve, but wait, something is not right. The pasta was cooked, but the sauce seemed thinner than usual. Yes, it was a tomato sauce, also good with the flavours of italianata, but where was the meat. Mrs. Angloswiss had a golden oldie moment and forgot to add the minced beef to the sauce. We were left with spaghetti napoli instead of spaghetti con carne or whatever. No big problem, we like both. However what to do with the meat that I did not forgot to cook. I decided I would find a solution somewhere, but it had to be quick. You cannot keep minced beef forever.

In the meanwhile an inspection of the fridge was made and we discovered that someone forgot to even buy the minced meat. I saw Mr. Swiss having a lively conversation with our supermarket butcher and thought it was taken care of. We all make mistakes. I forgot to cook the meat that Mr. Swiss forgot to buy the meat. That is co-operation. Luckily we saw the funny side of it all, there is never a dull moment in the house of Angloswiss.

In the meanwhile life goes on. The builders are building and it seems we will be getting new steps for our outside windows on the east side. There is movement and I only hope they do the complete job and not leave spaces somewhere that could cause a golden oldie to put her foot in the wrong place.

We are still experiencing the monsoon season but the garden is growing green and tall.

Calla 27.07.2017
And we are now off on a shopping safari for the week-end food. Life seems to be full of week-ends, time goes so fast. As soon as one week passes, you begin to plan for the next week. Time goes quicker as you get older.

See you around some time later when we will all be busy telling everyone about our busy lives online.

13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. There is a lot to be said to being a fly on the wall of some people’s kitchens….that’s a great story Pat, then again I think I have done similar things in the past….

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    • Flies don’t reach the walls in my place. With an arsenal of Four fly shatters, they do not live long enough. At the end of the day we have a fly cemetery. Stefan King would be proud.

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    • We are perfect, since 50 Years almost. I didn’t forget to put it in the tomato sauce, I didn’t think that something was missing until I wanted to serve it. Mr. Swiss didn’t find the meat because he had forgotten to buy it. That is why we are such a perfect team.

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  2. As we age, we have to sit back and see the humor of these situations. But tell me, why or why does the time go so fast now? PS I hate, hate, hate styrofoam. Can’t see the humor of it.

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    • If I couldn’t see the funny side of various situations, I would despair. I could hardly believe my own eyes when I saw that the consistence of the spaghetti sauce just wasn’t as it should be, until I realised why. Styromfoam is the curse of human reason. If you just leave it it is harmless, but no, it has to be sculptured and that is the problem, Really not funny, just tragic.

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  3. I found a large piece of defrosted chicken breast in the fridge. I must have taken it from the freezer and defrosted it, but I had no idea when that might have been and starting at the meat in the plastic bag was not helping me decide what to do. In the end, much as it pained me, I threw it away. Who knows how long it had been there? There was no sticker on it, after all — and it was frozen, so the sticker wouldn’t have advised me as to when it re-entered my world from the freezer.

    I cook things, put them in the fridge, and then we forget to eat them. That’s another way to forget.

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    • We were lucky because our problem with what to do with the mincemeat took care of itself as we didn’t have any. We now have 2 kilo of Carolina rice because I thought we had finished the last Paket but we hadn’t even open it. Luckily No.1 son deals with leftovers so we rarely have them, except for when he is on holiday which is when I cook too much and there is no-one to eat it.


  4. We all have our Senior Moments… but you both together – that’s not bad !!!! I did last week, for our Swiss guests and ourselves, a wonderful, rich ‘minced meat’ with fresh toms, grilled colourful peppers, lots of onions & garlic, herbs from the garden and red wine….. When all was done and dusted (ie eaten and praised!!!), I realised that my large pot with precious Crème fraîche d’Isigny (thick and heav(enl)y and delicious) was still standing in the fridge….. Senior moments all over!

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