Daily Prompt: Shallow

River Aar 16.05 (1)

The River is very shallow towards the bank. There is no real depth and you can almost touch the stones. Some are not even covered by the water.

“Is that all?”

“Well I have nothing more to write about shallow.”

“There are lots of things to write about shallow. someone can have a shallow character.”

“Are you implying that……”

“No, of course not, but you cannot just write one sentence about the river bank for a daily prompt. The crowds want more. And it is not really as shallow as you think. It is an optical illusion. If you take a step into the river, I am sure the water would cover your ankles.”

“I don’t care, the subject shallow is too shallow to write about. Of course, the builders have done us a shallow favour again.”

“Tell me about it.”

“Tell you about it, just take a look in front of the back window to the porch.

“You mean that cable?”

“Of course I mean that cable. It has been hanging there all morning. It couldn’t get more shallow. Imagine taking a walk into the garden and tripping over it. I could break a leg.”

“But it must be there for a reason.”

“Of course, it is an electric cable for their machines.”

“Your lawn is also looking a bit shallow, what happened to the grass`”

“The result of heavy building boots continuously walking across the lawn. The grass is now refusing to grow. After all that rain we have had, the slugs are not even entering the garden. They are demanding more depth to lay their eggs for future generations.

“But that is positive, no slugs are always good.”

“Not when there is nothing left for them to eat or slug around in. I am surrounded by shallowness. I could not even drown myself in my sorrows, they no longer have enough depth.”

“Where are you going?”

“I think I will take a walk along the river.”

“OK, but be careful.”

“No problem, I couldn’t drown if I wanted to, not enough water.”

Daily Prompt: Shallow

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