Photo Challenge: Satisfaction

Renovation 24.05 (4)

Living in Switzerland, I am spoilt with beautiful views of mountains, sunsets and sunrises, and eventually you no longer appreciate them as much as you should. I should be ashamed I suppose. I live near a river and swans and ducks are a daily event. We also have a few hundred cows in the village, so now my camera and I are searching for something new.

I was not really happy about having the building where I live undergoing a new makeover with an army of builders and scaffolding. However, every cloud has its silver lining and I now have the satisfaction of taking photos of events I never knew really existed. Imagine seeing sparks flying outside your front window and being able to get close enough to take live photos. Although I would mention the builder in this photo said I should stand a little further away, otherwise the sparks might hit my camera lens. Was he laughing or was he serious. I do not know, but I do know that as soon as the workers see me with the camera they laugh and say hello and even give me a pose for the action camera. Satisfaction is everywhere, you just have to discover it.

Photo Challenge: Satisfaction

14 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Satisfaction

    • And this was before breakfast. Had just got up, pulled something respectable on, I think my kaftan, and was out on the porch snapping away whilst the guy was manufacturing sparks, a great beginning to the day.


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