Good Morning

Water drops

So it rained through part of the night. We even had claps of thunder yesterday evening. I heard a loud noise some time early in the morning as if somewhere something heavy had been dropped, or was my cat Tabby having a happy hour in the appartment. I did not really care, because the main thing was that I heard it all. I heard the noises of the night. I could near water running in the bathroom when I washed my hands. This morning I heard our buiders greeting each other when they arrived for work and when I eventually arose there were already sounds of work being done outside with various machines. I do not complain about these things any more, they are part of the background music to life. On Sunday and Monday my hearing disappeared due to my ear canals being blocked with enough wax to construct a candle. Yesterday the doc, may she live forever, removed the objects in my ear and lo and  behold, my hearing returned. I was one of the lucky ones, because normally I can hear with no problem.

Mr. Swiss is now operating the vacuum cleaner, sounds of life. OK, let’s not overdo it, but I am still celebrating my return to the world of sound.

And now to celebrate my return to a normal day in the life of the Family Angloswiss. I have nothing to interrupt my daily routine so it will be an excursion to the supermarket with Mr. Swiss as usual. There was a small problem yesterday when he was adding to our online cloud shopping list on the mobile phone and managed to delete the list. Luckily I still had the list on my mobile phone, so I had to reconnect him to the cloud. After a few tries, I remembered how to do it and now we are both on the same wave length again.

It was time for a new book and  I decided to take the plunge with the first volume of “Game of Thrones”, the title being “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R.R. Martin. I know that the TV series is breaking all records as the most successful fantasy epic, but I do not like sitting in front of the TV, binging through one film after the other. I like to take a stroll through the books. I was really unsure of this project, as the book has over 800 pages according to Amazon. However, Amazon allowed me to read the first pages free on their Internet site. There were so many characters and I had to be careful not to lose the thread. I also have my complete reading experience in the Goodreads site and saw a few remarks from those that have read this book. Most said that the beginning can get confusing with so many characters, but once you get into the book it all falls in line and it is really a great read. OK, uploading it on my Kindle (the machine that does not smell like a book, or feel like a book) was no problem, costing only 2-3 € which was really minimal. Had I decided to order a kilo of expensive real book with the heavy covers and pages, I would probably have a sprained wrist eventually by holding it. I am now getting into the book, having read 10%, and it is really well written.

Mr. Swiss told me some local news this morning. Any tennis followers may know the one time German star, Boris Becker. He is now too old to play, but trains Novak Djokovic who is not doing so well at the moment. Boris Becker is also not doing so well having Forty million Swiss francs debt. However, Boris has a damaged ankle joint which had to be operated and he has now been operated in our local clinic in Solothurn where they apparently have one of the best surgeons for the job.  My two sons were also born in this clinic and I have also had a couple of ops there. I had to pay for my treatment, although I was covered  by my insurance which I have to pay regularly. I was wondering how  Boris is managing to settle the bill for his treatment with so many debts. I suppose there is one law for the rich and another for the poor. Of course the whole thing was kept secret about this special patient, until he was realeased.

Enjoy the day everyone, be careful when cleaning your ears with cotton wool buds. Due to the rain, my garden is bursting with energy and here are my buddleia mixed with my tansy flowers.  I can almost hear them growing, although no quite, but with my new improved hearing it can only get better.

Buddleia and Tansy25.07 (1)

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • It seems you don’t need money if you are well known, your reputation does it all for you. Who needs healthcare when you are well-known. Now it has become public I saw a small video of Boris taking a walk on crutches in our local clinic in facebook of all places. I am sure if I needed an operation on my bones I would not get the same special surgeon that he had. This surgeon is not even a regular at the clinic, he was imported from Bern for the operation. If Trump ever needs anything like that, I am sure our local clinic would be happy to oblige, but unfortunately they do not do brain transplants.

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  1. I read that first book. Didn’t love it, but read half of the second book, then put it away and never looked at them again. For me, they are stuffed with junk and about twice as long as they ought to be. I remember he spent 200 pages describing a royal dinner. That’s just a bit too much padding for my taste. Garry and I watched a few minutes of the first show and never went back.

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    • The TV series seems to be a big success but I am sure it is a big sensational show and I am not into that so much. I was looking for something to read, tried the first few chapters as a preview and decided ton to take the plunge. I have the first 100 pages behind me and it is keeping my interest, so let’s see what happens.


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