Daily Prompt: It’s tea time


A collection of dried leaves soaked in hot water, perhaps in a paper bag, or just pure where you would need a sieve to remove the tea leaves from the hot water. What is so spectacular about tea? You are afterwards left with brown water which stains everything. your cups acquire a brown surface, the spoons are stained brown, I dare not think what the internal digestive organs resemble. The kitchen sink has a brown layer, everything is brown.

I cannot do this again. My tea experiences are exhausted. My file of photos has been continuously shown until all there is left is just a remainder at the bottom of the cup and even that no longer looks so fresh. I have told you about my morning breakfast tea, my Lady Grey Tea in the afternoon and evening. My experience with the Lapsong Souchong has also be explained: the bacon flavoured tea leaves smoked somewhere in the depths of China.

What more is there to say. My mum grew up with tea in England, my dad joined her addiction, Aunt Annie drank 15 cups a day. I did not even like tea and avoided it in favour of coffee. I was the only one of the few in the family with blue eyes, I am still convinced today it is because I never drank tea for many years. Everyone else had brown eyes.

I have written two blogs about tea, and now my computer keyboard has brown stains and no longer works so smoothly since the keys are blocked with tea leaves. I was actually thinking about a reblog of what I wrote a couple of years ago to save time and energy, but if tea occurs again as a subject it will mean yet another reblog, and I have already reblogged my tea blogs twice.

Now there are only the dregs left in the cup and they have gone cold.

Daily Prompt: It’s tea time

10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: It’s tea time

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  2. I felt that way, too. I like my two other posts about tea very much and thought I had nothing more to say on the subject. The tea bag had been drained of every bit of flavor, but I persevered…. :-\

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    • It just seems to me that tea is appearing everywhere on WordPress. Perhaps they have their own tea plantation somewhere in Silicon Valley. The next post will probably be a mail order list for ordering the newest type of tea – WordPress flavour, full of spice.

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  3. Yes. Coffee and tea seem to be repetitive subjects. Because, y’know, no one can remember the last time. You and me, we are the sturdy bloggers … and we remember. I suppose I should take new pictures, but I still have the same teapot and tea, so it would look exactly the same.

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