Mundane Monday Challenge #119: Photo of destruction

Journey to Langendorf 1707 (10)

It was part of a settlement, a collection of various buildings with appartments, built in the fifties. My Mr. Swiss lived there with his mother for at least 10 years. It was a childhood home. We drive past on the way to the supermarket, three times a week. A month ago it was surrounded by cranes and they began their work of destruction.

In modern times, not even buildings last very long. Almost 60 years and they no longer meet modern standards, although there were people still living there a few months ago. They now have to make room for something more modern, better, a settlement in green fields and no longer with old fashioned designs. I managed to take a photo in its death throws, nothing special, just another brick falling from the wall.

Mundane Monday Challenge #119: Photo of destruction

7 thoughts on “Mundane Monday Challenge #119: Photo of destruction

  1. These modernisation is sort of killing the culture.The modern buildings, most of them do not have much of a character. They are just buildings. Old designs were creative and a piece of art.

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    • That is true. But when I see so-called modern buildings where my husband lived only 60 years ago already being demolished to make way for something new and even better, then I must ask where are we going? There is no point in designing today, the buildings are replaced quicker than we would like to see.

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    • I think I have lived long enough to see that. I went to three different schools when I was a kid, and none of them exist now. My old house is long gone. I would like to see my village in 100 years, if it still exists.

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