Good Morning


Morning everyone – I am here but not so much here as usual in the morning. I lost about 90% of my hearing in the left ear yesterday and was convinced it would come back on its own. It did not, so this morning it was off to the doc. She has given me something to soften the wax works in the ear and tomorrow morning I will yet again be missing early, as she has decided to clean my ears out tomorrow, both of them, just to be sure. It seems I have my own candle manufacturing plant in my ears at the moment.

Everything is so still at the moment, except for those that have to shout to make sure I hear what the are saying.

I will be back later. As my computer does not talk to me there is no problem with blogging.

Enjoy the day.

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • I had this problem once many years ago. I got the stuff from the doc yesterday to soften it all up. I have to put it in my ears this morning an hour before going to the doc and she will then be able to rinse my ears and remove it all.


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