Good Morning

Clouds 21.07 (6)

Yesterday evening a storm began to brew overhead. There was high winds and the rain fell, although no thunder or lightening. My clean windows are now splashed again with the marks of building residue but nothing that a wipe over with a cloth will cure. This morning it is still dull but with a brightness in the distance which tells me it can get better. I used to be a summer person, loved laying in the sun getting tanned, but now I am content to sit on the shady side – must be a sign of golden oldieness.

I was thinking about going into town this morning, with the train, on my own. It is market day. I went last week and have now decided to stay at home and take it easy. I have a few payments to make online and why stress. I can always take a walk in the evening if I feel like it. Mr. Swiss will go on his own to the supermarket for a few bits ane pieces to ensure that we do not suffer from famine over the week-end.

Something was missing this morning and then I realised our builders also have a week-end and there was no noise to be heard. Yesterday Mr. Swiss and I had a conversation with the roof chief. He said they only have about 5 meters on the roof to work on and then they will be finalising the work by making everything green again: it seems to be the thing to have a garden on the roof. I asked when the day will arrive when we will all be invited for a cocktail party up on the roof to celebrate the new look. He looked at me with a doubtful look (as most people do when I make a brilliant remark) but said it was not planned as it could be a little dangerous. What is the point of having a roof garden when no-one is there to see it?

Mr. Swiss was again playing paparazzi at the supermarket yesterday. He said smile and took a photo as I was struggling up the hill to the main entrance. I find the trolleys quite good for me as I can do my shopping and do not need to used my stick I found they would be better than a zimmerframe when the day came when it would be necessary. He found that they would be a little to large for use in our appartment.

We have a problem with fly swatters at the moment, they disappear continuously. There are too many flies, that is the problem. I have a swatter in the living room, in the kitchen and in my little room that I like to call office, but I never seem to find one when I need one. It is summer and we have the windows open and they seem to prefer indoors than outdoors, probably where the food is. Some of them are quite computer freaks and often take a walk on the screen or the keyboard, but through weeks of practice I have now develped the right swat. Unfortunately it means having the dead remains on the floor afterwards.

Have  a good week-end beginning everyone, and take it easy, no stress. WordPress will stull be here in the evening – I hope.

River Aar 20.07 (9)

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