Daily Prompt: Suddenly there was a gate

London 2015

There never used to be a gate, there was nothing to keep in or out. Every year I would stay at the same place in London, just along the road and and so I noticed the changes. It used to be a place where you could buy concrete installations. One day I arrived for my visit and it was empty. I stayed with my friend in her house and she said she had no idea what would be happening. Now it is left to the weeds that find a place for a seed in between the cracks.

The gates are to keep us out and perhaps to keep the others in. There are rumours that voices can be heard at night, but mostly from stray cats that are searching for a comfortable warn place somewhere in the underground.

A year later, the last time I visited London, things were happening. the gates had gone, and a tall building was arriving. I had no time for photos, and I knew it would be my last visit. It is a scene from a life in another place in another country. My dad passed away two years ago and my final goodbyes were said to London.

Daily Prompt: Suddenly there was a gate

3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Suddenly there was a gate

    • I lost my mum many years ago. I never really had the time to mourn her so much. I was in Switzerland, dad in England on his own and was completely lost in making arrangements. I flew over within a day and had to sort the mess out. He had no money for anything, but luckily I did and so everything worked out. It was pure stress. Since that day he has been on his own and things got organised, although I had to step in now and again. Money was no longer a problem, and he did not move on. I often now think of him, as he was always there and now I have no-one.

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      • I know. I lost my dad when I was 20. It was incomprehensible in a way to me at that age. I lost my mom when I was 44 and was, honestly, glad to see her go (and she helped herself go so I guess she was glad, too). The gate is more the loss of that generation — my aunts and so on, the conversations that just won’t exist any more.

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