Good Morning


My first view this morning from the porch was a murder of crows gathering, probably on their way to a conference. It is not yet migration time, and our crows do not migrate. They stay where they are, especially as Mrs. Angloswiss feeds them throughout the winter with her bread remainders. It is a breezy cooler day today, and even a few drops of rain have been seen. Unfortunately not enough rain to deter our builders from working with their machines.

The ladder to the roof is placed outside our sleeping quarters. In the early morning hours when the builders arrive at their workplace and ascend the ladder, they first of all have lengthy noisy conversations concerning the events of yesterday evening whilst I am still dozing. The appartment next to ours is empty and will probably remain empty until the building curse is finished, but they constructed the stairway to the roof outside our appartment. It is definitely not a stairway to heaven.

Mr. Swiss and I have been living without No. 1 son for almost two weeks and realise that when he is here, we never have leftovers. I have to rethink my food supplies. We have far too much bread remaining at the end of the day and with one less you do not bother so much with evening meals. For two people it is not worth the fuss and bother. Some cold cuts, cheese and a little bit of tomato and cucumber does the job nicely. I eat my bread and jam for breakfast, but otherwise one slice is OK for the evening meal. I should also rethink lunchtime cooking. I am still making enough pasta and rice as a supplement for lunch to feed an army. It will be reheated in the evening, but then we do not eat the bread. I am sure a third world family would be shaking their heads at these remarks.

Renovation 19.07 (4)

Yesterday I discovered that living with builders in the house can be dangerous. I was outside looking up in the scaffolding to see if anything exciting was happening. Just as I turned away a ladder dropped down in front of me. If I had still be standing there my fingers may have been trapped under the ladder. The guy on the next floor naturally did not see me standing there. A few seconds later a rubber tube arrived. On the other side of the appartent they had positioned cladding material on the scaffolding in front of my office window and in the evening we saw that a block of cladding material was dangerously placed in front of the remains of my hollyhocks and balloon flowers. Needless to say I “reminded” the workers to remove it before they made their way home.

Today is a day of rest for me. It looks like storm is approaching at the moment, but if the weather improves during the day I might venture an excursion this evening. I asked Mr. Swiss about our bus tickets and he was not happy. He suspects I am again planning something completely different for my evening walk. I have an idea, but no good causing too much worry, so I will keep it to myself.

My pink buddleia are now flowering. With this view I will leave you for the morning so enjoy. I will be back, I hope, this afternoon. Even a computer deserves down time in between.

Buddleia 19.07 (5)

4 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Isn’t that such a wonderful expression, a ‘murder of crows’. Your tale of feeding the crows during the winter reminded me of a situation here where a lady was feeding a huge flock of black cockatoos. They would roost in the large eucalyptus trees behind the houses in her neighbourhood. All was sort of ok until it was discovered that these birds, left overs from prehistoric times, love to chew on things like the branches in the trees. People soon learned that there was a real threat from falling branhes chewed thru by these birds. The lady in question was asked to stop feeding the birds and thereby allow them to return to their natural habitat out in the bush. I should point out that black cockatoos make only two sounds, loud and louder. But they are beautiful to watch so long as you turn off your ears.


    • No black cockatoos here, but crows make the same sound. We always have bread remainders and the crows stuff their beaks full and fly off with the trophies. Someone told me that bread is not good for the birds, but I was feeding swans with bread when I was a kid and the swans are not yet extinct. In summer I don’t feel the birds as they find enough natural food, only in Winter when the ground is frozen. I thought eucalyptus trees would be reserved for koalas.


  2. I have had to rethink meals since Garry will not cook anything more than canned soup or a sandwich. And if I don’t cook, he doesn’t eat and gets very thin. I could probably do without dinner and I will NEVER get too thin anymore, but my determination to keep that man healthy has driven me to figure out — finally — how to cook sensibly for two people. It took practice. I was used to cooking for four adults and a child, then five adults as the child kept growing. I think I’ve finally done it — and neither of us eats a lot anymore. If I didn’t cook, we would be bored to death with food and just give up eating anything, I think!

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    • Been there and done that with feeding the five thousand at the table. When No. 1 son is here he always eats everything and is known to save some to add to the evening food. Now he is not here and we are submerging in left overs. Mr. Swiss always sees to the evening meal, but now I cannot rely on him, because he just does a concotion for himself from what is available. Today we even threw a remainder of spaghetti which has never happened before in this family, because no-one will eat it this evening. Mr. Swiss has lost some weight, which is OK – seems that it happens to elderly people. I am still hoping for the same to happen to me. I think I will eat a sanwich at the computer this evening, although perhaps Mr. Swiss is planning something – who knows.


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