Daily Prompt: What’s in a Lollipop

Impressions of September monthly market in Solothurn

I do not even like lollipops, never did: even as a kid. I was more into chocolate. Even a toffee apple was better than a lollipop. They were real apples on a stick, dipped in liquid toffee and left to get hard. As they were left to dry on their base, you always had a flat bit of toffee at the end. The only photo I found of something like a lollipop were these strange sugar strawberries from a visit to the local market, all on a stick for better eating.

My all time favourite was Cadbury’s Chocolate Milk flakes, It was a long bar of chocolate, all very flaky and made a real mess when the pieces crumbled away. I suppose if I bothered, I could order them from the British shop by computer in Switzerland. I always bought a large paket at London city Airport before returning to Switzerland, but never lollipops.

If it is ice cream on a stick, I am quite partial, although I no longer eat ice cream.

It is a wonder I am still alive.The list of things I do not, or cannot eat, is becoming longer than what I actually eat. I quite like a snack after my midday golden oldie sleep, but today the cupboard is bare and so I have to go without and just write about lollipops, which I do not like.

I do not even fell inspired to write a story about a lollipop:

There was a scream for help. She opened the door and her friend stumbled into the room.

“Shut the door, do not let it in, it will kill you.”

“What is wrong”

“A giant lollipop is chasing me. The lollipops have decided to revenge themselves on the human race, after being eaten for so many years.”

What did I say. I never liked them, they are evil. They are attacking us. Now toffee apples are something different. You can chew them. Lollipops die slower with every lick.

Daily Prompt: What’s in a Lollipop

10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: What’s in a Lollipop

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    • I remember when my dad said he does not even look forward to his meals any more, bu he was thence about 98 years old. Suddenly I noticed that eating is no longer what it use to be. You discover that although you like certain food, it no longer likes your digestive system. Why didn’t anyone tell me about these things when i was younger, although i probably would not have believed them.


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