Good Morning

Renovation 14.07 (1)

When you look out the window first thing in the morning to see how things are looking, you realise they have arrived. When a figure in human form turns his head and you see that the face is not human, then you know they are amongst us. They are mixing potions, spreading it on our new house insulation and who knows, in a year we might all look like the aliens. It is their way of slowly infiltrating into the human race. A new species is taking over, known as builders.

Renovation 14.07 (3)

You take another look out of the window, perhaps it was the early morning light that caused this human to appear human. Then you know that they live underground. They are amongst us. I was sure a new series was being filmed for “The Living Dead”, but I saw no cameras (except for mine), this is reality building.

In the meanwhile things are happening, A new outside step was fitted to our rooms on the East Side yesterday.

Renovation 18.07 (10)

It seemed to be heavy, but the extra terrestrial had strength and after coating the base with a black substance, something from another world, he covered this new step with a white substance and afterwards they were fitted together. I then discovered that these people from another world speak our language and was told that I was forbidden to walk on this new step for a day. Was it unsafe, or did they want to be sure that its magic properties were preserved? I told them that my cat did not really understand human speech and I could not gurantee that he would not put his paws on it. I was assured that cat weight is not to be compared with the 60-70 kilo of human weight, so there would be not problem.

And now back to the normal world. Something strange happened in Switzerland two days ago. A pistenbully (one of those machines for making ski runs in the snowy mountains) was doing its job in the alps and uncovered the remains of two humans, frozen for eternity in an ice crevice. It was obvious, from the clothing, that these remains were from at least 70 years ago. They were moved for forensic examinations. In the meanwhile a 79 year old lady has been inverviewed on the TV and is sure that they are her parents that disappeared when is was just a kid. There were 7 brothers and sisters left without parents. The parents had an alp hut and they made they way to see to the animals and never returned. In the meanwhile the chidren were left with various relatives to grow up with, but the lady who spoke on the TV said they never gave up hope that the parents would one day be found. It was suspected that their fate was an accident. If the DNA proof shows that these are the missing parents, the daughter says that they will at last be buried together. It happens often in the alps, in any mountains, that the missing are one day returned.

And still in the world of strange things, the new Dr. Who will be a lady. I am not really a faithful follower of Dr. Who, although I quite like a little science fiction now and again. I am more from the generation of the first Dr. Who series and the Daleks. Somehow this bothers me. Dr. Who has always been a masculine person and it fitted. Now we have a lady with lipstick. I am all for equality of the sexes etc. but a lady Dr. Who just does not fit the role. We should really let the men be men now and again. Perhaps there will be feminine Daleks in the new series that will marry and have baby Daleks. In 20 years the programme will be titled Son/Daughter of Dr. Who conquers the new Dalek generation.

To the background noise of drills and builder aliens I will move on. They let me out today for shopping. Due to the fact that No. 1 son is not here and I am still cooking enough to feed three persons, we seem to be living on warmed up leftovers in the evening. I now have a longing for fresh evening food.

Enjoy the day and do not forget, the aliens are amongst us. There is something strange when you take a photo of the moon and it is almost midday.

Moon 18.07 (1)

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. If this were a novel, they’d defrost the two of them and write a novel. I guess this isn’t a book.

    I’d start my day alarmed by seeing guys out there in gas masks. But not that alarmed, because I’m already waiting for the guy to fix the water heater and clear the gutters and of course, install the front door and redo the poisoning of the bugs. Gee golly whiz, our lives sure have been full of jolly fun lately, haven’t they? You have a great day ANYWAY. Even though it’s raining (again) here and supposed to rain (again) most of the weekend.

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    • Who needs books? Our lives are one big adventure. The enemies are muscular builders armed with weapons of destruction ready to combat anything standing in their way. The destroyers of gardens, clean air and after dinner sleeps. They know no mercy, but armed with a camera, sometimes two or three, Mrs. Angloswiss collects evidence of their attacks and defies them with her broom disintegrating the remains of the styrofoam rain permanently attacking her windows.


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