Daily Prompt: Daily disasters


I have been living disastrously for the past 3 months, since the builders moved in and took over. Here I am sitting at the computer in my little room trying to write something that has nothing to do with building, but today is a special day. It is the “Builders most disastrous day”. They are doing their best to annoy me.

I rise from my midday sleep, interspersed with builder noise, not from the tools, the tools now friendly tools. Just cladding applications. I decide to open the window and let the fresh air of Summer in. I am on the shady side of the appartment, so the sun does not bother me but where is the sun. In front of my window I have some sort of plastic drape hanging down. It is tubular plastic and I am convinced that it is an outlet for bits and pieces of debris which will come tumbling down from the roof where someone is applying a flame thrower.

There is also a block of cladding material in the background. Who knows, they might need some more, or perhaps they think it is time to clad humans. Why not, we would match our background. Perhaps we will be painted light green eventually, the same colour that our block will be painted. We will then melt into the background. They have already forgotten that we happen to live here and humans are spoling the smooth running of the work.  I am siting in half darkness and am not allowed to leave my room as a new step was installed yesterday which is still in the process of drying and is not safe to step on.

I hear the merry calls of the roof workers to those on the ground.

“Where are you going?”

“Looking for an Austrian”

Not a person but the name of a special tool most probably. The building language here is basically German. An “Englander” (english person) is actually a spanner. Yes, other countries other words. And now the builder on the next floor is hammering. I have no idea what he is hammering as I canot see him, just hear him. Opposite someone is sawing and I can hear a radio.

My normal disasters of perhaps burning the meat, or not cooking the veg enough are now in the background. Even forgetten to buy something in the supermarket is no longer a problem.

The only walks we take are to see how the work is progressing. We are two golden oldies that do not have to do anything, just please ourselves. Today Mr. Swiss said he was looking forward to the week-end. The week-end stopped for us a few years ago, but it has returned. When the week-end arrives, there are no builders, we are just left with a scaffolding and even the scaffolding has its romantic moments at night when no-one is here to disturb the silence of the night.


Daily Prompt: Daily Disasters

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Daily disasters

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  2. I am feeling your pain. 😦 BUT things seem to be looking up here as the garage door guy called and said the workmen are coming in the morning to install the new door. I will be very happy when that’s done and I can put my car in the garage and lock the garage. 🙂 The point — this misery does end.

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    • There is always a silver lining somewhere. We have a large underground communal garage, but our door also has its problems. We have a remote to leave and enter the garage which does not always work. I always have problems leaving the garage. Driving up the exit slope and playing with the remote is not my thing

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