Weekly Weather: Dust Storm


Dust storms have become quite common here since the builders moved in. We are not quite sure if it is the builders or someone stoking up a fire down below. There were rumours that a guy was seen with horns and a cloved foot hobbling around. He was carrying a pitchfork and had red eyes. Do not trust anyone.

Weekly Weather: Dust Storm

3 thoughts on “Weekly Weather: Dust Storm

  1. When we lived in Boston, the final year was the year of The Big Dig, when they were in the middle of the world’s most gigantic restoration project, redesigning almost every road in the city. The dirt! Oh lord the filth. And it was the whole CITY.

    We moved here. That was what finally did it for us. That and the fact that EVERY road in Boston was under construction. It was awful.

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    • that happened in our town a few years ago. We are now lucky as there is nothing left to renovate and then someone discovered our Appartement building and so they all arrived, the scaffolding experts, the drill speciakists, the insulation masters, and now we have heard that the painters are preparing their brushes and mixing the colours. Not to forget those that are gifted with grinding the white styroform that fills our appartment with white dust. We have to keep them busy somehow.


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