Daily Prompt: Being moxie

Cows 17.06 (1)

“Am I moxie?”

“No, idea, but you could be, sounds good.”

“Nothing “could be”, am I moxie?”

“I am watching the TV, the Tour de France, and cannot study words that I have never heard of.”

“I am writing my daily prompt about moxie. I had a look in the Internet and it says it was a soft drink in the States.”

“Then you are not moxie, you are a human being and I have never seen you with a bottle of moxie in the hand or found a bottle in the fridge.”

“No, it has a meaning “courage and agressive”, also verve and pep.”

“You can be quite agressive sometimes, especially when I want to conentrate on a bicycle race across France and you ask a silly question.”

“It is not a silly question. It is an American word and the subject of what I am writing.”

“We are not Americans, so perhaps it was not meant for you. On the other hand you can be quite insistant when I am trying to concentrate on something. How comes you have a photo of a cow on your blog.”

“I thought it would show how courageous I am in taking the photo.”

“You don’t need courage to take the photo of a cow especially with a close up lens. It is not as if you were actually standing next to the cow and having a conversation with her.”

“So you don’t think I am moxie.”

“It is really not important to have a discussion about words that do not exist in the english language, especially when I want to concentrate on something else.”

“Now you are being moxie.”

“I am not being moxie. I cannot be moxie because moxie does not exist in my vocabulary and I don’t know what it means. They are are approaching the winning post in the mountain section of the race.”

“Perhaps they are being moxie on their bikes. You need lots of verve and pep to ride a bike uphill.”

“What has verve ad pep got to do with being moxie?”

“No idea, but it is another meaning of the word.”

“I hope the various meanings are now finished.”

“Not quite, we also have skill and knowhow. But there we have it, the solution. The tour de France shows cyclists with verve and pep, as well as being skilled on their bikes complete with the knowhow to win the race. They need courage and must be agressuve to conquer uphill roads.

Where are you going?”

“For a walk before I get moxie.”

“You are getting moxie? How does it feel?”

“Like I want to calm my nerves down and get less agressive. That is why I am going out, to escape from the temptation to get moxie with your determination to spoil a quiet afternoon at home, where I only wanted to watch the tour de France on the TV.”

“Oh, I see, now I know how it must be to get moxie. Can I now write in peace without your complaints all the time.”

“I am not complaining.”

“Of course not, just being moxie.”

Daily Prompt: Being moxie

16 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Being moxie

    • Of course and we always listen intensively, even when we have heard it all before. I don’t actually go to the doctor with Mr. Swiss. I leave him and take a few photos in town and he calls me when he is finished. Much simpler that way. I have a feeling that men are never fine, they just put a brave face on it all.


    • Cows always have horns, but the famers usually cut them off for some reason. At the moment, as an exception, there are a group of cows grazing along the river bank: about 4 cows and they have a bull with them. The first time we saw them we were sitting on a bench and I never saw Mr. Swiss move so fast. “Let’s go” he said “there is a bull”. I was wondering what the fuss was about. I had time to take a couple of photos, realising that the bull did have something the cows didn’t have, and it wasn’t only horns. It seems bulls can get quite nasty if you get too close. I don’t what the problem was, there was an electric fence between us and the cows.


      • New England, apparently, where you can buy it in bottles. IMO, you have a lot of moxie. You get up every day and sometimes take long walks with your camera and don’t call Mr. Swiss but manage to get home on your own even when your leg has said, “Forget it.” That’s moxie.

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        • Aha. Although Mr. Swiss was not happy about me using Moxie, he said the next time I must call him. Problem is he has never heard of Moxie and its relationship to me. I suggseted the next time I will go with the train and walk home – he was not happy that I had not yet given up my Moxie way of life. That’s it, I am a Moxie golden oldie.

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