Good Morning

Swans 13.07 (11)

The problem with MS is that you have good days and not so good days and sometimes completely negative days. Yesterday was a relatively good day and so I decided to let myself out in the evening for a walk whilst Mr. Swiss indulged in the news on the TV. I decided to go down to the river and this time with the 300 zoom lens on the camera, as the swimming bird life always seem to park on the other side of the river at a distancde. I also wanted to walk  further, which would be OK, as I could cut into the road and take the train home. However, the best laid plans of mice and men etc. etc. – will come to that later.

So I arrived at the river and the futher I walked I realised it was international swan day. There must have been at least 20 swans floating around. I discovered a bench and shot a few photos of them. I had to tell myself to stop otherwise I would have still been taking the photos. As I walked on I reached the part where one of our small streams cuts into the Aar and I realised that when swans sleep, they sleep on the river. I had never really thought about it. This was where I wish I had my “normal” lens as I could have got more into the picture.

Swans 13.07 (1)

This was just two of the sleeping swans, but there were at least three others: all floating on the water with their heads tuckd into their bodies. I had never seen this before. I usually return home at this point and if I am feeling OK, might walk up to the road and make the return journey along the road, or the same way back along the river bank. I was feeling good, and decided to do what I intended to do and walk on to the next bridge. On the way I saw two strange birds on the river bank. I thought they might be something completely different.

Pigeon 13.07 (4)

When I uploaded the photo onto my computer after reaching home, I realised it was just a pigeon. However, it was a special pigeon for me as it was twice as large as the usual pigeon and had an interesting beak.

Now I was gradually reaching my walking limits and knew it was time to go home. Before leaving home I told Mr. Swiss my intentions, but said I would take one of our train tickets with me to use on the way home. Our local trains have a half hour rhythm, except for Sunday, so I was convinced this would be no problem. I turned away from the river and walked along the street to the main road which I could see quite easily. Of course I discovered a few interesting objects to take photos of on the way. They were renovating part of our local high school and so there was scaffolding and strange architectural additions to the building.

It was now that I realised I had cut too much off the cake and my walking efforts, with the cane, were not flowing as they should, but the train station was just around the corner. It was then that the ***** train (pardon the language) arrived along the main road and as there was no-one at the station to stop it, it continued. Great, another half hour to wait for a train, so silly me decided to begin to walk home. I was already dragging my left leg, although it could still move. I arrived at the next station and sat down for five minutes: sometimes that can help. When I continued on my journey I realised that it didn’t help. Shall I wait for the next train or not. I was not even sure if the trains travelled every half hour in the evening, perhaps only once an hour. And so I continued and was so happy when I reached our estate, although I still had a short distance to go.

The last part of the journey is always the toughest and I was really getting into a small panic. What if I lose my balance and fall, what if my right leg decides to do the same as the left, although the right leg usually behaves to a certain extent. I was now gripping my cane and grabbing bushes with the other hand to steady myself. I turned the last corner and entered by my back garden. Mr. Swiss was outside on a chair and thank goodness I could hold onto him for the last few steps to a chair on the porch.

“Why didn’t you call me, you have your mobile phone” were his first words “I could have picked you up in the car, it would only have been around the corner for me”. Of course he was right, and I really do not know why I did not call him. I even thought about it, but me not wanting to become a burden, did not call him. I have now realised that MS is not just something that is not so bad. It is not a painful problem, compared to other complaints, but your endurance is not so high as it should be. I have now learned a lesson that there are limits to what I can do and I think it is the first time my thought was “f**k” MS and I usually keep my profanities to myself, but there are times…….

This morning I seem to be functioning again, so I will take yet another walk this afternoon. Mr. Swiss has to visit the doctor in town and I will go with him. He will be some time at the doctor and afterwards I will drive home with him. The mad things I do just for a couple of photos.

And now to make my way to my daily chores. This morning is week-end shopping time. As No. 1 son is still on holiday for the next week. it is just Mr. Swiss and I that have to be fed.

Enjoy the day and think twice before you go on a marathon walk.

River Aar 13.07 (1)

17 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Oh goodness take care of you..and yes know your limits…I know when I have been walking too far, I begin to wander no longer walking in a straight line. I know it I hope others don’t notice..

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  2. Glad you got home safely; I know how you feel not wanting to be a burden, but first look after yourself. And your photos are just lovely; the colours are so bright. I have never seen swans sleeping before. But they are some of the most photogenic birds we have, don’t you think? Keep up the good work, but don’t overdo the walks. xx B

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    • I had never seen so many swans together on the river. I was also surprised to see them sleeping whilst floating. I was fed up with only walking half hour distances, but suddenly I realized I had over walked my limits.


  3. Garry and I had that conversation this morning.

    “Why didn’t you ASK me for help?”
    “I hate to bother you.”

    I feel as if I’m bothering him and I realize it doesn’t make sense unless you are one of us and you really HATE the idea of bothering him. But, you should have called. That was dangerous.

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    • I also got the message not to do it again and I have now realized how limited I am in my movements. You have good days and not so good days, but never rely on it.


  4. That must have been quite scary and I can understand your frustration. I get a bit of ankle pain from arthritis and find now that I can’t always walk for as long as I would like. I was wondering how far apart your rail stations are . If you can walk between stations I’m imagining something more like a light rail/tram system than actual railway stations but then perhaps stations in Australian towns are further apart.


    • It’s the local road train so the stations are very near to each other – normal walking distance, but normal walking is now a thing of the past. If I walk too far and too long, the problems begin starting with dragging my left foot. I just got bored always doing the same walk and thought I could manage something a little different. However I have not given up and will find some sort of solution.


        • Not yet, too soon for me. I am fighting against the use of a zimmerframe. A stick does the job OK. I am often walking on footpaths, which would be too narrow.


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