Good Morning


I had a visitor outside the window early evening yesterday whilst sitting at my computer. Roschti, the neighbour’s cat, decided to pay a visit in my garden. As all cats he was curious and wanted to know what I was doing. Tabby, my cat, did not notice the visitor, otherwise he would not have stayed. Cats are not the most sociable creatures and prefer to do their own thing. Tabby and Roschti did cross paths, although not exactly crosss – Roschti kept to his side and Tabby to hers.

Road to Langendorf 12.07 (9)

When we drive to the supermarket during the week, we see these blocks of flats being destroyed by machines. It was an estate with many blocks and as long as I have lived in Solothurn, it has been there. These buildings were built in the fifties and were homes for many people. They have a sort of special meaning for Mr. Swiss as he lived there many years with his mother before moving out to marry his first wife. We were both surprised to see that these appartment blocks were now being demolished, another memory of the past that is disappearing. It seems only a month ago that people were still living there.

This morning I had a later start than usual, although I am not really going places. It was fresh linen on the bed day, meaning I need more time. Mr. Swiss tells me to leave it, but I always help when I can, although I must admit the work does not get easier with time.


Here is my building photo of the day, taken from my porch. I was actually wondering if they had arrived today. The builders are entering a quiet phase of work with less noise from machines. It is probably now time for the artistic side of the work, designing and forming layers. After seeing the signs of demolition on housing that was only built the fifties, I wonder how long it will be before our little estate will one day be destroyed.

I took a short walk in the garden yesterday to give a few plants some fertiliser and noticed that berries have not appeared on the hawthorn bushes.

Hawthorn bush 12.07 (1)

We have ideal growing weather at the moment. There is plenty of rain which means we do not have to operate our hoses to give the garden water, and rainwater is the cheapest water available. In between the sun shines and it it warm. Even the trampled grass caused by builders booted feet is recovering a little.

I read that a an ice berg the size of Wales, or the Kanton of Bern (according to which newespaper you read) is making its away in the ocean, after breaking off from the Pole. One newspaper report tells me we will probably get monster tsunami to cause a rise in the level of the oceans in the world and another says the scientists are keeping an eye on it because it could disturb ships. Of course all fake news according to those that know it all better, there is no such thing as world climate change and if the president says so, it must be true. In the meanwhile Switzerland still has the alps, so if the flooding gets bad we could move to somewhere in the Bernese Overland. I have not yet seen a guy with a long beard building a big ship and collecting animals two by two, so it cannot be that bad.

And now to move on, I have been long enough on this computer. See you later, have fun.

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