Daily Prompt: Just Bumbling around

Solothurn 08.07 (13)

“What are you bumbling around with?”

“It’s the latest craze, a Fidget Spinner.”

“A what?”

“A Fidget Spinner, everyone has one, that is everyone that needs one. Obviously it is something missing in your life if you don’t even know what it is.”

“OK, so now I am curious. What does it do?”

“What it does? You can see what it does. I put it on the tip of my finger and it begins to spin.”

“Yes, I can see that, but it doesn’t even make a noise.”

“It doesn’t have to make a noise, that is not the idea of making a noise. Fidget Spinners are quiet, all the do is spin.”

“It would be more ineresting if it would perhaps buzz, like a bumble bee.”

“Fidget Spinners are silent, because they spin.”

“So what is the purpose of a Fidget Spinner?”

“It is quite obvious, they spin. Look how fast this one is spinning.”

“Great, the ideal pasttime. Let it spin. When does it take off.”

“Take off? It is not going anywhere. It stays where it is, If it took off I would have to chase it and find it. It is better when it stays where I put it, on the end of my finger.”

“But it must have a purpose somehow. It could leave your finger in a horizontal direction and if you blew on it, it could return to where it was on your finger. That would be interesting.

“But Fidget Spinners are not made for ascent and descent, the stay where they are.”

“Sounds boring to me. A plastic triangle in different colours that only spins and does nothing else. What are the black bits on the edges?”

“I think they supply the momenntum to swing it on your finger, because they are small weights.”

“Now we are making progress. It is defying the law of gravity by spinning on its own axis, combined with weights to …… er keep it spinning?”

“Is that a statement or a question? And wipe that silly smile off your face. It is fun.”

“Yes, definitely, hilarious, great, something completely different. A triangular piece of plastic that revolves on your finger.”

“Stop laughting, it is not as easy as it looks. Injuries have occurred by not using the Fidget Spinner in the right way. Someone swallowed one, another user had to have surgery to remove the Fidget Spinner from the finger. They were even thinking about amputating the finger, not to mention injuries where the Fidget Spinner escaped and aimed for an eye. Dealing with Fidget Spinners can be dangerous.”

Yes, life thretening even and I am not sure our illness insurance covers fidget spinner injuries. They must be good for something.”

“My friend Jeff says they are good for relieveing tension and treating stress.”

“I havn’t see Jeff for some time.”

“He is in the clinic, but his mum said he is making progress and they have already realeased him from his padded jacket.”

“What happened?”

“He had withdrawal symptoms.”

“Don’t tell me, from the Fidget Spinner.”

“How did you guess.”

Bumble bee

Daily Prompt: Just Bumbling Around

10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Just Bumbling around

  1. A friend sent me one as a gift. It stressed me out trying to understand why he’d send me one and what was so great about it. I ended up having a major anxiety attack over being unable to discern the purpose of this thing. 😉

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    • I have seen many stupid objects in my life, but this beats them all. I saw the advertisement outside the local book store and just cannot imagine why anyone would spend money on it. I have even heard that a couple have exploded in the hands of kids. One thing is certain, someone is earning money on this new technical development.

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  2. It can see how someone is able to occupy their time with fidget spinners, as when I was a kid we had hula hoops and slinky’s. It would be nice if they did something more than just spin, maybe play a song or at least have some flashing lights. Most of my students had these things and anything that keeps them from talking so darn loud is OK in my book.

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