Photo Challenge: Collage

Solothurn Vorstadt 11.07 (4)

The world is one big collage: a mixture of races, religions and languages. Twins might look alike, triplets etc. etc. but even they have a certain chracteristic that separates them from their brothers and sisters.  It would be boring if we all looked the same, wore the same clothes and even spoke the same language and so we piece things together in different ways.

I was walking through our local town of Solothurn (in Switzerland) yesterday and this shop window caught my eye. It is a shop specialising in doggy goods mainly: even dogs are a collage of breeds, each having its own characteristic and they have mixed marriages although the alsation and the poodle would probably not be a good match in size.

And so I saw this wonderful doggy model, an assembly of mosaic stones, a collage in itself.

Photo Challenge: Collage

7 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Collage

    • I did have a problem with this one, because I always want more 🙂 and just a collage of stickies is not my thing. I suddenly thought of this photo I took yesterday, one of my own little oddballs.


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