Good Morning

River Aare, Solothurn

I am here again, but no-one really missed me. Thanks to the fact that I set my alarm an hour earlier my life is an hour ahead today. I had to be in town at 8.00 a.m as Mr. Swiss had an appointment with the eye doctor, and I had to visit my Doctor Vampire to donate two tubes of my precious body juice to the laboratories for various examinations.

My appointment was half an hour later that Mr. Swiss so I, of course, I took the opportunity to take a few photos before my appointment. The Doc Vampire has the surgery next to the river, so you are now getting a photo of the River Aare in Solothurn showing the pedestrian bridge with the St. Urs Cathedral in the background. We were also low on bread so I visited the supermarket  which was also in the area, to buy a loaf.

Suddenly my mobile phone quacked (no rings – it has a duck) and it was Mr. Swiss to tell me they have a new method for eye examination. Only a couple of drops in the eyes and the doc gets the results immediately. Mr. Swiss is doing well, no change in his eyes and only has to go again in a year. I had not even reached my Vampire Doc, was only just finished with the photographs. Anyhow as we were both in the same area Mr. Swiss said he would meet me at my doc. He was also able to drive home as it seems this new eye drop method is no longer so sight distorting as the old one was.

I arrived at my doc and the nurse extracted a tube of blood from one arm, but actually needed two. Unfortunately she had emptied the right arm and only a few weak drops arrived for the second tube. Vampires are never happy with small amounts and so the other arm was used for the remainder. I now have a plaster on each arm, although the blood has now completely stopped flowing. I will now have to wait until the next full moon for more and have two empty arms.

I am now back home again with time to spare. I had my breakfast before leaving this morning and so now to the normal work routine. Up to now there has been no rain, although there are grey skies

Hibiscus 10.07 (4)

My hibiscus is now flowering in the garden, so the rain must have been good for something. I have three bushes, all grown from  seeds from the original hibiscus which no longer exists. Actually it was a blue hibiscus, but with time the flowers returned to their original pink colour. And now I must really go, there are places to see in the appartment and rooms to visit with a vacuum cleaner.

Have fun, see you around

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • Welcome to the club. I had some problems with flying at the beginning, but have now passed the test. Blood group O is not as tasty as A, it has no real punch. A can be quite spicy


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