Good Morning

Clouds 08.07 (2)

It was the week-end when the rains came down. For us it was not so bad. It began Saturday afternoon and more or less continued until some time in the middle of Sunday night. Our garden needed the rain and it did not bother us so much. However, a little to the East of us, in Kanton Aargau, roads became rivers within minutes and cellars had to be pumped out which is not so good. Today is the day of the big clearing up sessions. We were very lucky in our area. At last the air has cooled down and normal temperatures have arrived.

Hay harvest 08.07 (2)

Luckily they managed to get the grass cut and dried in the sun before it was soaked in rain. As we were leaving on Saturday morning for the local train, we had to squeeze past the hay wagon on our path. Everyone here lets the grass grow until it has seeded up. It then dries in the sun on the fields all day and is collected to make hay for the animals in Winter. This wagon is probably our village contribution.

Hay harvest 08.07 (4)

They parked the hay mower, or whatever, in the parking  lot of a neighbouring house.

I intended to take a walk yesterday evening along the river with my camera a little further than usual and return by local train, but it literally fell into water, so I stayed at home and read further in my book.

Anyone ever read “Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour-Bookstore by Robin Sloan? It was a bestseller according to the New York Times, so I decided to try it. Stories connected to books always interest me. I am now 80% through and am quite enjoying it. It is something a little different, involving computer “freaks” and other “freaks” a secret book society of the Unbroken Spine in New York, although the bookstore is in San Francisco. It also involved the Google company. I do not want to write a spoiler, if you are interested you can find what you want to know in various web links in Internet, but I am not disappointed, something a little different.

The merry builders have arrived again, being Monday, but  at the moment they remain silent. No more drilling or welding, and I am not sorry. This morning is developing into a complexity of appointments and shopping. We will be going into town where I will do the shopping and Mr. Swiss will leave me for an appointment somewhere official. Tomorrow it goes further and my good morning will either be later or not at all. I have to go to the vampire to give a sample of blood for examination whether I still have blood – diabetic test and my MS medicine test and at the same time Mr. Swiss has to go to the eye doctor where I will leave him. I will drive home on my own and he will follow with the local train later, probably groping his way home due to eye drops and distorted vision. These things always happen at once.

And now I will leave you – I am going to town shopping, with my camera and Mr. Swiss – what a beginning to the week.

I noticed yesterday that the tansy in my garden has begun to flower. Some call it a weed, it grows often by the railway. It is a valuable plant for the garden apparently, and I find it plain and simple and decorative.

Tansy 09.07 (3)

Enjoy the day, have fun and be kind to your computers.

4 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Your stories of the builders will be ours from today, as the neighbours have moved out to a flat for 8 weeks while major construction work happens in their house next door. I hope they are not too loud as the nice weather means we have windows open most of the time. Little girls two doors down were enjoying a paddling pool in their yard last Saturday, but their shrieks sounded like they were here in my house – am I getting old to wish the parents had shushed them a bit? It has been a quiet area for many years (apart from when the busses were all re-routed up our road because of water works) and we are not used to loud, little children. I hope I’m not turning into a Grumpy Granny!

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    • Noise doesn’t bother me as much as the dust and dirt. We are living in a block with 13 appartments. Basically they are bought appartments, but some are rented. I feel sorry for the families with small kids because their balconies have been blocked and the kids have nowhere they can play outside.


  2. We are still trying to get our door installed. Yesterday, my son dropped by bringing a new microwave that he can hang on the wall over the stove … which will give me back a piece of counter. This is the nicest gift ANYONE has given me (not counting Garry) in years. I thought I might faint. Of course, that is also more construction.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I never had a microwave before we bought our place, but it was built into the kitchen. I did not trust myself to use it for the first weeks, but decided to see how it worked. I could no be without it now. Hope you get the door fixed soon


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